Time and Time Again…

26 Jun

Yes i am back…
Another year, another blog. But there is a difference , this time i mean to maintain it with some sort of regularity.
After much rumination, i have conceded that i would not be able to update my blog daily, or even weekly. With this acknowledgment comes the wisdom to relax and enjoy blogging for what it is meant to be : a means of self expression ;whenever ,whatever the self needs to express..

So why a new blog? why not continue with one of the many old ones i have? Good question. At this point of my life, i need a fresh start to many things. Get rid of the past and move on to bigger better things in life.

One person in particular has inspired me to think that i can do this – create a better tomorrow. Worry less about the destination and more about the journey. Every day needs to be worthwhile.. After all , life is an adventure to be enjoyed.

So without much ado, in true comic fashion i present to you the adventures of Mr M…

See you around… 🙂

To be continued…..

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