M goes to ALC – Part 1 : in which we impart the knowledge neccessary to comprehend the achievement

27 Jun

One of my eternal dreams have been to attend a comicon. So when i came to know that there is one happening in London, you bet your sweet tushy i was gonna be there!

And thus lo and behold ; i attended the anime league club convention held at rocket center , holloway road London on 26th June..

So to begin with what is comic convention?
Its an event where comic literates come to share and expand their horizon ( i.e to say immerse in all the nerdity around them)

Oh okay, what is an anime then?
Anime are japanese animated shows / movies. YES they are in japanese and YES, i watch them in japanese

Hold on, then what is a manga?
Well, manga is a term used for japanese comics. Have you heard of Pokemon/Naruto/Bleach ? yeah the same ones.

But aren’t they anime then , cos they are on TV?
Most of anime are from previously published manga. So yes, Japan animates a lot of successful manga so that we can enjoy the goodness in color and in motion <> Bear in mind though that not all anime are developed from manga.

I thought anime was godly endowed girls in various precarious situations?
You are thinking of Hentai, which is very very different from a normal anime. Since you already asked this question, am sure you know all about it. You pervert!

Now then, we have a very basic understanding of what an Anime or a Manga is, which marks an end to this post.

Experiences of Anime con coming next !

2 Responses to “M goes to ALC – Part 1 : in which we impart the knowledge neccessary to comprehend the achievement”

  1. Azsharael August 31, 2010 at 12:12 pm #

    Read more manga, focus on manga in fact. Anime can mostly be ignored. More often than not it is a diluted over simplified adaptation of a character rich, complex manga. At least that's the case in nearly all the popular anime out there. Of course there are those few exceptions.Anime is used more as a cash cow than for creative satisfaction.

  2. Manks August 31, 2010 at 5:04 pm #

    I absolutely love manga dear brother.. See the next post after this one… or the one after that. You would see a few manga's there!! :)As for Anime, like any media, there are good anime and bad anime. And if I may be forgiven, after re-reading that scene many times, it still feels awesome to actually SEE Naruto kick Sasuke's ass :).

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