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The London effect..

24 Jul

Recent additions to the library. @courtesy London..

SuperLikes – Comics that caught my eye

8 Jul

Every month , I order some comics that are first time reads for me. This column will talk about those comics and why have I chosen to try them

Title – NORTH 40

Why am I interested ?
Because of the high concept – The residents of an isolated rural area discover superhuman – and supernatural – power in their midst. The power stops at the county line, but inside the afflicted area, something ancient and malevolent stirs as new monsters arise. Can Wyatt, an unlikely hero from the wrong side of the tracks, join forces with Sheriff Morgan and town outcast Amanda to keep the county from imploding or being eaten by mighty Cthulhu?

I am always willing to open my wallet to any comic that invokes Lovercraft imagery. Why this won out is because of its writer – Aaron Williams, whose PS238 is just simply excellent

Title – GANTZ Vol 14

Why am I interested?
I have heard very positive reviews of Gantz, but couldnt get into it form the beginning as ofcourse I cant find the first volume anywhere in Delhi, and my subscriptions are only for upcoming comics.
Although I tend not to get into a series so late into its publication , I am making an exception in this case because this comic had me at :” A gang of vampire guys . . . who can grow samurai swords from their very flesh”..
Any comic that uses “Gang” , “Vampire” , “Samurai Sword” and “Flesh” in the same sentence is A.ok in my book!


Why am I interested?
Simply because I have heard so much praise for this comic. This about 3 people – the anthropomorphic entities for Germany, Italy and Japan and their interactions with the rest of the world. It is a brilliant satire of the world politics , current and past. Makes me wish I had thought of this concept myself. Just so me!

Solicitation text reads:  During World War 1, gruff Germany finds Italy hiding in a wooden box of tomatoes. Germany takes Italy as prisoner, but instead of war-like interrogation, Italy becomes more of the nuisance and unwanted guest. World War I quickly comes to an end, but World War II is right on its heels! This time, Italy tries his best to become friends with Germany. They soon befriend Japan, and the three of them form the Axis Powers. Meanwhile, America, who loves heroism and hamburgers, tries to form a treaty, as Great Britain reminisces about when America was his loving child!

Excited Yet? I am !! Can’t wait to start reading this one.


Why am I interested?
Chanced upon this title while going through previews. Missed the first two volumes (Damn!), but this is still early enough for any manga. The storyline takes place in a world where a massive earthquake occured 10 years before the start of the story. In present day a mid-schooler is given death penalty for supposedly killing his classmates and sentenced to a bizarre prison known only as “deadman wonderland”. This is where he will be challenged with deadly prison games, where survival comes at an unthinkable price. 
This has the potential to be a thrilling read. We will see.

 Title : PRIEST

Why am I interested?
Been meaning to read this one for ages. Its actually a manhwa (Korean Comic) instead of a Manga (Japanese Comic). One of the very first to become famous outside Korea. This fuses the Western genre with supernatural horror, Gun fu, and dark fantasy themes and is notable for its unusual, angular art style. As the name suggests , it has christian undertones and the story is about humanity’s battle against 12 fallen angels. The story takes place over 3 time periods – Crusades, Wild West and Modern times. This has the potential to be Epic!
I have to give thanks to Gerard Butler and Sam Raimi. Because they are making a movie on this series, the publisher is kindly re-releasing these out of print items! 

So these are my choices for the month. What do you guys think?