A Vamp to die for

29 Aug

This is how Female Vampires are supposed to be depicted. Strong, Confidant, Dangerous , Alluring and Saucy..

Covers for Dynamite’s Vampirella#1

Which red blooded male would not go crazy for her? And that my dear friend is exactly the point.

But just because Vampirella wears a flimsy one piece swim suit for a costume, don’t presume she is all about shallow storytelling and pleasing the fan boys (although admittedly, the swim suit IS about pleasing the fan boys!!). She has a long and winding history and along the way she has been helped by some of the topmost talent in comic industry-
Alan Moore (Watchmen , V for Vendetta, Top 10)
Grant Morrison ( Invisibles, Final Crisis)
Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan, Planetary)
Mike Carey (Lucifer, Unwritten)
to name a few..

And now Eric Trautman joins this list of luminaries.. And from his interviews, seems like the perfect time to jump back on Vampirella Bandwagon.. Buffy- eat your heart out!

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