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Combatting the Previews – Oct 2010

25 Oct

Going through Previews catalog can be a mammoth task ! you have to run through a ton of pages to find comics you like so that you can pre-order them 2 months in advance..and because there are so many comics to flip through there is always a possibility of missing out on that little gem.. Well starting this month I would be sharing with you all what caught my fancy while going through it and hopefully make your job a little easier ..

Previews Oct 2010 (for comics coming to store beginning Dec’10 )

Thor by Walter Simonson Omnibus
(Marvel Comics)
Have been waiting for the Thor movie not only because I want to see the rich tapestry of Thor’s life translated onto the silver screen but because it was a near certainty that Marvel will release the most celebrated run on Thor ever in one big fat omnibus! Believe it true believer.. Thor by Walt Simonson is THE DEFINITIVE Thor stories ever done.. it has it ALL that you want from a Norse God’s comic book.. And what should warm your hearts is that this book is a mammoth 1124 pages.. Now this is how Omnibuses should be..

Deadpool  team up vol 2
(Marvel Comics)
Its Deadpool and more of his mad-cap adventures.. And did we say its Deadpool.. this blog’s favorite Merc with a mouth ..This is an instant buy .. no questions asked..
The cover of the comic itself makes a case for it’s purchase…

Atlas Return of 3 dimensional man
(Marvel Comics)
Sadly Atlas has been canceled. I am just grateful Jeff Parker could finish off the tale on his terms. Wonder why a team of Talking Gorilla , An ex-spy who is the heir of world’s largest criminal empire and uses it to secretly do good, A Roman Goddess, An Atlantian , A Robot and a human returned from Outer Space didnt catch people’s fancy. What else could you want ! Seriously..This series was loads of fun.. Wish it returns once in a while even in miniseries format..

BPRD: Plague of Frogs Volume 1
(Dark Horse)
Since the Hellboy  Hardcover Editions, I have been waiting for similar edition to come out for sister series BPRD (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense ). Image does not give me HC but a larger collection of BPRD stories in TPB. Guess it would have to do. If you like Hellboy, you have to read this.. same folklore laced storytelling and moody art.. go for it

Batman the return of Bruce Wayne : Deluxe edition
(DC Comics)
Grant Morrison is perhaps the single most polarising author I have read. You love him or you hate him. His run on the Dark Knight rolls on, and I am loving it. In this volume Bruce fights his way back to the present. This story is also an examination of bat mythos in a way that only Grant can Pull off.. If you like his run so far, a must buy. 

The Flash: Dastardly death of the Rogues
(DC Comics)
To be honest Flash: Rebirth did nothing for me. Admittedly I am a bigger fan of Wally than I am of Barry and I did not see the need for Barry to return. I am giving Johns a last shot at making me a convert because I do love the Flash Legacy and would like to continue reading the Flash. 

Secret Six: Cat’s in the cradle
(DC Comics)

Gail Simone continues her exploits of the devious secret six.. a motley group of Supervillains we all love and hate. I have been hooked on the dark humor from the beginning and this is getting better and better as the series progresses.

Madam Xanadu Vol 3: Broken House of Cards
Another brilliant series bites the dust. Is it because the protagonist of the series is a female? But at last I have this volume to savor it’s last breath. RIP Madam Xanadu.. Buy the entire series.. worth it.

Mystery Society vol 1
(IDW Publishing)

What if a secret society that explored mysterious phenomenon across the world was run buy a couple? This is the basic premise of this series. And this looks to be Indiana Jones meets Mr and Mrs Smith, which means this is right up our alley!

God the dyslexic dog
(Bliss on Tap)
This is exactly what it says…
Imagine a world, where the gods created by man, are all but abandoned. The gods, in their desperation, have now become the deities of the animals of earth. They now seek to over-throw both heaven and earth from their former masters, man, in their last ditch effort for survival.Enter the Dyslexic Dog. An ordinary dog that’s only beginning to understand how extraordinary he really is. A dog who is a god? On a leash!! How can you not buy this?

Bigfoot HC
(Drawn & Quarterly)
Jimmy is a teenager in a crummy little town. He’s got a lousy best friend, a porn habit, and an uncle whose miserable existence is the embodiment of life stalled in its tracks. He’s also got a tender soul, a pure-hearted crush, and the makings of a budding artist. A horrible YouTube video of Jimmy dancing in his living room becomes viral and makes every sweet and hopeful thing about Jimmy seem utterly pathetic. Everyone from fellow classmates to the clerk at the corner store has seen the video, and Jimmy finds himself a celebrity in his town, just for the wrong reasons.  .. Sounds like a comic book with loads of potential

The One : Rick Veitch
(King Hell Press)
 If you thought Alan Moore’s Watchmen was the last word on SuperHeroes, check this out. Rick Veitch is a prominent figure in alternative comics and is seriously underrated..

Harry Potty and the deathly Boring
Bwahaha ha ha.. don’t care how it is.. Just the title is good enough for a buy…

The sixth gun
 (Oni Press)
The Sixth Gun is a mystical artifact, now being sought by various parties, that can only be held by one person at a time… What pushes this above the regular flare is the mood and some of the high concepts present in the book…

So what are you buying come this December?

What’s with this pricing Marvel?

23 Oct

Marvel has just recently released its January 2011 Solicitations. While going through it I found something strange.

Written by MARK MILLAR

112 PGS./Mature …$24.99

Collecting AVENGERS #1-6.
144 PGS./Rated A …$24.99 

Written by ED BRUBAKER
112 PGS./Rated T+ …$19.99

Do you see it? Super Solider Premiere collects the same number of issues as Nemesis (both 112 pages).. yet Nemesis is priced same as Avengers HC which collects 6 issues (144 pages)..
I wanted to get Nemesis HC.. but at $24.99 for just 112 pages.. its a robbery!! 

Why are the price points so different? Marvel are you listening?

Holy Lazy Bum Batman!!

15 Oct

I haven’t ordered my comics from Previews for November, and Publishers have started to come out with solicitations for January!!..

Need .. to… get..up.. BUT..

Superheroes do no wrong….err..maybe a little wrong

5 Oct
Man from H.A.T.E 
Poor Robinalways the butt of jokes

Batman is Liberal

Maybe a little too Liberal..

 Cap shows who’s wears the flag at home

Superman Spank!

You Bet!

Being a Machine Man has its advantages
Never Knew X-men taught this at their school
Is there any wonder there are Gay jokes about the Dynamic duo

And People think comics are boring !!

Caveat: Some of the panels are taken out of context….so make no pre-assumptions !!.. except the obvious one… out of context panels are pure joy!

Only if you were making movies instead of writing comics …

2 Oct

Deadpool is Manly

1 Oct