Animated Reviews : Young Justice (Episodes 1 & 2)

1 Dec

Young Justice – Independence Day
Episodes 1 & 2
Cartoon Network
-Review By Manks

Teen sidekicks (Robin/Speedy/Kid Flash/Aqua lad) are invited to the hall of justice thinking they would officially become part of the big league! But soon they realize they still aren’t trusted by the league completely yet. Once the League is away, the teenage sidekicks find a mission of their own rebelling against the orders of the JLA and start investigating the fire that broke out at Cadmus, where they find more than they bargained for – mind controlling Genomorphs and a clone of Superman calling himself Superboy.


This series is in Dc comics continuity, based on a parallel earth – Earth 16 (if you are a reader of DC comics , you would understand what this means, else just let it go.), where superheroes are still a recent phenomenon.

PAD’s Young Justice

If you thought that this is going to mirror Teen Titans that came out a few years ago on a similar premise you are wrong. Unlike Teen Titans this series has a serious tone to it from the get go. Needless to say the cast of characters is quite different. Its more current Teen Titans cast (which itself started out as the excellent comic series Young Justice by PAD)

What I liked?

– The animation and voice work is top notch. I couldn’t find anything to complain about here
– Characters stayed true to their established demeanor. Robin is witty, Kid flash is chirpy and Speedy sulks

– Aqualad: Has to be the breakout character for me. This is a new avatar of aqualad created especially for the show ( which Goeff Johns liked so much that he introduced the new aqualad in DC universe proper in one of his issues of Brightest Day).

– I am one of those who liked the entire Superman death and return saga. Superboy was my favourite character during that period. So reference to Cadmus and seeing Superboy breakout again (although not quite in the same cavalier manner) was great fun. I wanted Superboy to shout his signature “Don’t ever call me Superboy”, but this Kon-El is a little serious for that.

-Gaurdian! They used the Gaurdian. About time for Mr. Harper to get into the animated action scene

– There is going to be an over-arching plot to the entire series. This will keep the mystery alive and make me want to come back, even if to see whether my suspicions were correct

– Finally , they are using the name Young Justice, which is one of my all time favourite comic series. I only wish it was an adaptation of the same comic, but alas, you cant have everything!

What I did not like?

– You could see the story beats from miles away, hence it wouldnt be amiss to say it was a little predictable.

– I couldn’t exactly fathom the reaction of Superman when he meets superboy for the first time. Maybe it’s just me, but I would expect Supes to react a little more warmly.

– No Speedy when it came to action time! I Kept expecting speedy to jump in any moment.So I guess in a way, Young Justice did surprise me. I think he just might turn up as Arsenal. We will see..

– I personally would have liked a little more humor in this animated show. Its Young Justice not JLA. Fun and humor should come naturally to teens.

– I found it a little weird that there weren’t many people in Cadmus. There were 52 sublevels but hardly any people..

Final word:
I say that the premiere episodes were a little predictable , but there are only a few ways a team can start, so I can let go of the unpredictability factor for this episode. What I am excited about is how speedy would return? I personally think he would come back as Arsenal., but then it wouldnt surprise me if he showed up turned to the darker side especially since the promo doesn’t show speedy but arrowette. If that happens I would be a little dissapointed.

Despite its minor faults , its a worthy successor to DC animated Legacy. Time to follow the young guns of Dc universe once again.

Rating 8/10

2 Responses to “Animated Reviews : Young Justice (Episodes 1 & 2)”

  1. Aalok Madhusudan Joshi December 1, 2010 at 5:26 pm #

    Am going to be watching this one. I loved the PAD series but trades weren't published even then. There were only 2-A League Of Their Own & The Sins Of Youth. I hope the making of this series brings attention to the original series which IMHO was cancelled only because Geoff Johns wanted to write a new TT series. All further iterations of TT after the original have met with mixed reviews. After the original Teen Titans by Haney , Cardy & Co the iterations were:-THE NEW TEEN TITANS-this was a runaway success by MARV WOLFMAN / GEORGE PEREZ & the only one which deserved the title. The title was THE bestseller at DC mainstream (after SWAMP THING,which IMHO is & has always been a fringes character)-THE NEW TITANS-Once Perez left, the title began staggering in the hands of miscellaneous artists of which Eduardo Barretto was noteworthy, the rest were a yawn-TEAM TITANS-a noteworthy attempt in which the titans team up to kill the child who would become LORD CHAOS (from the title's ARMAGEDDON 2001 ANNUAL 1991)-TEEN TITANS (1996) which was BAD by JURGENS & PEREZ featuring all new alien characters and another TITANS from 1999 which didn't even prompt me to pick em upYOUNG JUSTICE was far better in the way it featured the characters. It was a great attempt at mixing comedy & pathos. I hope the series does as much. Looking back, there wasn't a lot of difference in the initial rosters of YJ & TT(2003), just in the attitude.

  2. Manks December 1, 2010 at 7:11 pm #

    Thanks for your comments Alok. Recently Dc has started re-printing YJ comics in their Dc presents format.. its a small step.. but hopefully if sales are strong.. we might get the full tpb run.. (like we are getting for "Hitman" by Garth Ennis)…And I agree.. TT by Geoff Johns changed the tone of the book and since then TT has flaoundered.. YJ is one the best comics I have ever read.. it was funny and felt genuinly funny.. it could also be serious when it required..And the run by Marv wolfman and George perez is classic.. Their TT used to be DC comics best selling title when it was coming out.. it was a runaway success as you said..Since then, even i fely YJ was the best.. I still miss it.. That is y i was hoping the series would keep the tone of YJ comics.. but its not.. The only comic i liked as well as YJ was Impulse!.. Sadly , no tpb's available for this one either.

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