Witchblade : The Indian connection

4 Dec

-By Manks

Abhishek Malsuni / Shashank Mishra.. An indian artist/colorist duo have contributed to the up-coming Withcblade Annual… Here is the result of their Hardwork

Kudos to them.. Is Indian Talent finally getting recognised abroad?

For people who do not know, Witchblade is one of the Top properties of Top cow Publications ( under Image banner)… These days its being written by Ron Marz ( an industry stalwart and excellent writer).

Witchblade is a story of a police detective Sara Pezzani, who finds herself the wielder of a mystical artifact – the witchblade. The witchblade has had many wielders ( all women) throughout history and Sara is just the latest one.

The activation of witchblade causes Sara’s clothes to malfunction ( as you can see in this pinup as well ), which lead to initial comics of the series using this as an excuse to showcase as much of Sara herself as legally possible ..

I can however state that Ron Marz has turned the series on its head . He has not only added depth to Sara’s character but also to the mythology of Witchblade itself.  I recommend reading the following trades to catch up on some of the best stuff done on Witchblade yet!

First Born
Broken Trinity

The last storyline recommended ( Artifacts ) is actually running currently. The art duties for the most Part is handled by Stjepan Sejic, and let me say the art is just incredible.

Here is a look at Stjepan’s handiwork:

Hope you agree.

Heartiest congratulations to Abhishek Malsuni and Shashank Mishra once again. You guys have made us proud.

7 Responses to “Witchblade : The Indian connection”

  1. Aalok Madhusudan Joshi December 5, 2010 at 5:17 pm #

    not too much excited…never been that invested in top cow…but great if indian talent is getting recognition at all. the only Top Cow thing I own is WANTED HC….

  2. Manks December 5, 2010 at 6:32 pm #

    Alok.. i would definitely recommend the trade paperbacks of the storylines i mentioned.. Witchblade is much the better for Ron Marz.. :)and Wanted was awesome.. !!! Mark Millar rulz

  3. Aalok Madhusudan Joshi December 5, 2010 at 11:44 pm #

    Well you see from a lot of time I have been off reading latest comics..it was when an event usually at DC comes up I'd read up on it from the beginning. Like before BLACKEST NIGHT, I read up GL & GLC. But Marvel I have never been too much invested in and the way that "all of it is in continuity" but a lot of trades can be out of print killed me. I stocked up on Marvel around 2 years ago when the trades were available cheap & stocked up on ESSENTIALS and standard trades, the most far reaching ones being HOUSE OF M amongst others on their respective titles around the same time. I still used to read Marvel. Eventually I got so bored after SECRET INVASION I left. I also left the Ultimate line after ULTIMATUM. Now after hearing that some good things are happening at Marvel I came back to the following titles only:FANTASTIC FOURCAPTAIN AMERICADAREDEVILAMAZING SPIDER-MANI liked what Hickman has done so far but the corpse of Galactus leaves me stunned. When did it happen? When Gotham comics were published in India long ago they published the mini GALACTUS THE DEVOURER as a DEATH OF GALACTUS SPECIAL in the SILVER SURFER line. I'm definitely sure it wasn't that. I looked up the Wiki page that has me even more confused. Drop me a line here. Anyway, by far the best works by Marvel & actually worth owning, till date that I've read IMHO are:FANTASTIC FOUR by MARK WAIDFANTASTIC FOUR by JOHN BYRNEAVENGERS by KURT BUSIEKDAREDEVIL by FRANK MILLERDAREDEVIL by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDISDAREDEVIL by D G CHICHESTERNEW X-MEN by GRANT MORRISONUNCANNY X-MEN by CHUCK AUSTENUNCANNY X-MEN/X-TREME X-MEN/X-MEN by CHRIS CLAREMONTSPIDER-MAN by JMSHULK by BRUCE JONESHULK by PAUL JENKINSHULK by PETER DAVIDI'm intrigued by the books I'm reading monthly right now, is all. I don't know whether I'll buy them actually.At Dc I read monthly:BATMAN by GRANT MORRISON (whatever he's writing)BATMAN & ancillary titles by PAUL DINI (whatever he's writing)SUPERMAN by JMSGREEN LANTERN by GEOFF JOHNSWONDER WOMAN by JMSGREEN ARROW by JT KRULFLASH by GEOFF JOHNSWONDER WOMAN by JMSHELLBLAZER by PETER MILLIGANFABLES by BILL WILLINGHAM& THE WALKING DEAD by IMAGE

  4. Manks December 7, 2010 at 7:58 am #

    Hi AlokThanks for your comments. I have replied a little late, because i wanted to address such a knowledgable post fully and give it its due importanceI started out with Dc , and seem to have gradually shifted to Marvel because of excellent storylines they are doing.. Your choices for comics are excellent ….!!apart form comics you read here are what i recommend you at least try:-Dc comicsSecret Six (gail simone)The new JLI title (Judd Winick)Birds of Prey (Gail simone)VertigoDMZ (wood)Madam Xanadu ( thsi is cancelled now.. but excellent read if you are into fantasy)Marvel:Captain America (Brubaker)Iron Man (Matt fraction)Incredible Hercules (Greg pak/fred van lente)Nova ( if you are into space stuff)Avengers (BMB – this would depend on how much u like current events in marvel)X-Factor ( if there is only one s-men comic you read.. let it be this one.. very very very good)Anything by Jonathan Hickman (Shield/Secret Avengers/Fanstastic Four)As a rule I would recommend anything from Jeff Parker,Hickman, Fred Van lente,Peter David, Dan Slott..Brubaker and Matt fraction.Your reaction to BMB might vary but i like him. what titles u read would depend on your interest.Lemme know if this helps or if you need any more suggestions…As for death of galactus… Rest assured , no previous comic led to that.. its all hickman's doing.. and if you continue reading through his run, you would figure out.. i dont wanna spoil anything for u..Lastly some great all time Marvel hits: here are a few more if you are interested:-Thor by walt simonson ( an omnibus coming out soon)Thor by Dan jurgens (initiallt it sokay, but later becomes magnificient)Daredevil by Ed brubakerPunisher by Garth Ennis (MUST READ)Ultimates (Mark MIllar Run)Ultimate spidermanOne of my favourites is also The thing miniseries by Dan slott.. its a laugh riot.. must readi am sure i am forgetting a ton of comics here…but this should be a start

  5. Aalok Madhusudan Joshi December 7, 2010 at 8:56 pm #

    Hey Manks,I forgot to mention that I also read JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST & BRIGHTEST DAY every month.Marvel…yeah I did like the Thor simonson run…but I loved the Jurgens stuff…by the time of GODS ON EARTH if you're reading THOR …or STANDOFF…if u r into John's Avengers it was compelling !I liked what Bendis was doing always….USM started very slow….but built up nicely…..the problem is Marvel's got so much of intertwining stuff coming out, you'd go crazy if you tried to buy everything. I didn't know how to get your attention but I thought to comment on the latest post would be a sure fire thing. I am not earning currently & have around 900 Graphic Novels anm am based in Mumbai…want to up the ante soon once I start earning.

  6. Manks December 7, 2010 at 9:12 pm #

    Hi Aloki read every comment here and respond :).. so no worries as regards my attention..I am sorry to hear you arent earning right now.. but hopefully things wd take a turn for the better… and you would be able to get back to reading comics..Anything in particular you had in mind?

  7. Aalok Madhusudan Joshi December 8, 2010 at 9:20 am #

    Nah just regarding the current storylines….I'm not earning means I'm 23 and haven't started earning…yet. Whatever I've managed to scrape till now is off the secondhand & sale stuff which my parents paid for. Most of the Marvel stuff I own was from some odd stock which had come to markets with a sticker tag of Rs 250 and was lucky enough to buy a lot of them. That got me upto HOUSE OF M & other classic stuff like Frank Miller DD, John Byrne FF, a few DD Bendis, FF Waid (which in my opinion is unparalleled & just cannot be compared to anything FF). I've neglected after that like hell. Especially since Bendis started masterminding all the stuff. I know it will all be nice but now that the Marvel people are collecting their stuff into larger hardbacks I think I'm lucky enough to be here. I collected most of the runs of a few people like JMS Spiderman & DD Bendis in TPB, and now I just can't complete them in TPBs as all ULTIMATE COLLECTIONS are available…that frustrates me a bit. So I started collecting DC from ground up. It's relatively simple. BTW do you order online or local book stores or content with reading stuff online?

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