India Ink: What’s cooking in the indian comic scene

13 Dec

-By Manks

Mumbai Convention Watch:

I understand an American wrestler from the famed WWF may be coming to India to launch his comics in the mumbai comicon.  The talks are on !!

I also understand that an editor of a youth magazine in india is also planning to launch a comic there..The comic is in Marathi and in English.

Jump Watch
The brain trust behind the Jump is amongst the final three of “The Pitch” on UTV Bloomberg. The prize is 5 crores (approx 1 million US dollars). Imagine how many comics that could mean.. We are rooting for you to win! Go team Level 10.

Top Cow Pinups

In the last India Ink we showed you a Pin up by Indian artist duo – Abhishek and Shashank for the Top Cow property Witchblade.
I now understand Top Cow has a few more Indian artists lined up for Witchblade annual Pinups. Expect an announcement from Top Cow very soon.

Bahadur Watch
The first Indian Hero Bahadur (created by Aabid Surti) returns to us through online medium.
Click here to learn more about it.

You can visit :  to catch the Bahadur saga as it unfolds online

Raj Comics
Raj comics are the lone superhero comics standing from the golden era ( as I call it ) of comics in India.
For this edition, I thought I would showcase some of the powerhouse talent from Raj comics. I cant be blamed for wanting a team up between Marvel and Raj comics now can I ?
Who knows if The 99 can do a crossover with DC Comics characters, Raj comics might yet do it ..

Kobi by Dheeraj Verma

Nagraj by Lalit Kumar Sharma

Nagraj by Hemant Kumar

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