Exclusive: Jump reveals Daksh cover, we reveal rejected covers

16 Dec

Level 10’s Jump Vol six is an independent special, where we would see some new concepts from Indian creators. Today they have released the individual covers of the series being showcased in the volume. We replicate the covers below.

The three series for this edition are Daksh , Shotgun Sharma & Chappan Churi and Rise of the Warblade.
Now discerning readers would be aware we revealed the info about Daksh some time ago on this very blog at here
The three series seem to be from very different genre as well as art style. Am glad to see such variety on display here.

Now , we were lucky enough to get hold of some alternate colored versions of Daksh, which did not make the cut.

The covers are by the dynamic duo Abhishek Malsuni and Shashank Mishra (who did the Witchblade Pinup – here).
As we can see the art and colors are Top quality and Daksh certainly looks very threatening (befitting a “Dark” hero). Can’t wait to read this one.

Stay tuned to our blog for exclusive content on these three creator owned series to whet your appetite before Level10 finally releases the issue.

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