News: Marvel’s "Fear itself" Revealed

21 Dec

Today Marvel announced the comic series behind their “Fear Itself ” Campaign at here


What we know from Marvel:
– Its a seven issue miniseries

– Marvel universe battles a God of Fear

– A Prelude is planned featuring Captain American and Namor, by Ed brubaker and Scot Eaton

Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen will be the creative team on the main series.

– The story is as ambitious as Civil War

There is a concealed act at the center of the Marvel universe that was committed a number of years ago. Fear itself brings it out to the open.

Fear Itself” is an extinction-level event. It’s a major event that involves everyone–expect major participation from X-Men

The first issue of “Fear Itself” will be about 45 pages, and the final issue will probably also be oversized. The price point is expected to be $3.99.

–  The teaser image of Captain America should be used to draw conclusions about Bucky’s fate.

Our perspective :
Spoilers below:
-As we thought, Marvel’s next summer event has a Fear themed character as as the antagonist. Although Marvel doesn’t name the fear god, I am putting my money on Phobos.
For those who came in late, Phobos is the 7 year old fear god, son of deceased Ares ( God of War, killed by Sentry in The Siege) and part of Secret Avengers.

-I am not sure about the team of Matt fraction and Stuart Immonen on a Major Marvel event. Matt fraction is one of my favorite writers of the new breed (Iron Man, Thor etc), however he has proven less adept at handling team titles ( X-men) and a major marvel event means tonnes and tonnes of characters

-Civil War was a huge storyline with innumerable tie-ins and X-men weren’t directly involved. Here they are!. So we should get ready for many more tie ins, some superfluous, which means a hole in many a pockets if you want to follow this event fully. Ah , the price we pay for the love of comics..

-A concealed fact at the center of Marvel universe? This smells of retcon.. which are not always pleasant.

-And lastly, Marvel wouldn’t be this bold to let the fate of Bucky known so early would they? And if they did m and if what the teasers shows is correctly interpreted by me – DAMN YOU MARVEL!!

We would just have to wait and see, but Marvel sure knows how to get my attention.

2 Responses to “News: Marvel’s "Fear itself" Revealed”

  1. Maddy December 22, 2010 at 2:21 pm #

    This is what Marvel is good at. I started reading marvel so late, it's just been 3 odd years i first read Civil war and still remember each and every incident took place in that story line. After that i am continuously reading Marvel Comics and Event after event they are getting even better. After the event SIEGE, Story got a bit boring and wuz waiting for marvel to announce their next big Event, and now here it is. FEAR IT SELF. Can't wait for it and April Seems to too far.

  2. Manks December 22, 2010 at 6:24 pm #

    You are correct Maddy..Marvel has some of the best promotional material.. they know how to market for sure..And i also agree with you… since House of M , marvel is slowly and steadily creating better and better storylines… not to say , they are perfect… there has been some missteps (Secret invasion i am looking at you!) but by and large they are doing great.. excited to be a marvel reader these days!Wish Dc would buck up.. We need a similar buzz from their side.. Just blackest night won't cut it.. I am dying to see Superman go full throttle on some one's ass! Cumon.. he is supes.. wtf is he walking?

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