Aalok Deciphers DC : Review of Crisis on Infinite Earths

2 Jan

Writer: Marv Wolfman
Artist: George Perez

First of all, this book is huge and takes a lot of effort to read. Part of it is due to the spotlight never remaining on a single character or group of characters and part due to the excruciating detail Perez puts in his artwork.

He literally packs crowds into a single panel that most artists today would use a full page.
If you don’t still get the idea of how extensive this was, we not only have characters from different universes, dimensions but also different eras. For example:

ANTHRO, the oldest character Dc has ever published
BAT LASH, JONAH HEX , EL DIABLO ; other Westerns
KAMANDI, the last boy on Earth.

Mix everything….and….hoo boy I’m having trouble writing a review of this, imagine what it must have taken to write the whole thing!

The plot is fairly simple: An entity known as the Anti Monitor from the Antimatter Universe of Qward tries to annihilate all the other universes. His opposite member, the Monitor seeks to stop him with the help of his aide, Harbinger. She recruits the super heroes she requires to save the universe. On the Monitor’s side are two other individuals, Alexander Luthor of Earth – 3 and Pariah, an individual whose coming to a universe indicates that that universe will be destroyed. However, the Anti Monitor recruits Psycho Pirate to help him and corrupts Harbingerinto destroying the Monitor.

The Multiverse exists because a rogue Oan scientist Krona attempts to go to the beginning of time to understand the secrets of creation. His tampering with the big bang creates the Multiverse. The Anti Monitor wants to travel to the beginning of time to stop the multiverse from being created. The big guns try to stop the monitor, but a few are destroyed. The significant ones include:
-Flash (Barry Allen)
-Dove (Dan Hall)
-Clayface II (Matt Hagen)
-Mirror Master (Sam Scudder)
-Starman (Prince Gavyn)
-Lori Lemaris
-Wonder Woman
-Anti Monitor

Eventually the Anti Monitor is defeated and at the end, four characters, in the heat of the battle are sent to a “paradise reality” as Superman of Earth – 2 fights the Anti Monitor for the last time. They are:
-Superman (Earth – 2)
-Lois Lane (Earth – 2)
-Alexander Luthor (Earth – 3)
-Superboy Prime (Earth – Prime)

Subsequently, new series were started. John Byrne did Superman, Frank Miller , David Mazzuchelli did Batman, George Perez & Greg Potter did Wonder Woman, Mike Baron & Jackson Guice did Flash.

The Crisis was not completely successful, due to reasons I will explain in the individual series as and when they are reviewed. For now:
-It did not do away with temporal inconsistencies
-There was no uniformity in memory. Some people (like the Psycho Pirate) remember the Crisis. Some others remember a flash and red skies. It was never really established who are supposed to remember the Crisis.
-The reboot of all the characters did not start at a single time. Initially only the Trinity was given the series. Subsequently Hal Jordan kept appearing in his title as clockwork and was reinvented later only in EMERALD DAWN. HAWKMAN was reinvented later in HAWKWORLD (1990)
and AQUAMAN in 1993 (AQUAMAN: TIME AND TIDE). But there was still a Hawkman between 1985-1990. Later, writers found a way about this, but at the moment, it was sloppy planning.
As of now

Crisis on Infinite Earths, is a masterpiece for the sheer beauty of the art and the huge cast of characters and admittedly this was the first “comic event”, which makes it noteworthy

Rating: 7.0 on 10

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