Exclusive: Preview of Comix.India Volume 4

4 Jan

For people who do not know, Comix.India is a print on demand comic anthology which has already released three volumes and in on track to release a 4th one this Jan.

The snippet below is from their website here

What does Comix.India hope to achieve?
The idea behind the magazine is to create a space where both new and experienced comic authors can show their work, interact with other comic creators, and build a culture of buying and reading comics that is not restricted to any one target audience or genre.

A self-published magazine does not have the pressure of recovering investments, so comic authors can afford to take a few risks, which is desperately needed if we want to foster the comic medium in India. We need hundreds of comic authors, and this magazine can give an opportunity for new voices. The magazine will not be out of circulation, since it is not printed until someone orders it. Since distribution is internet-based, the potential audience for the magazine is worldwide, not just India.

The magazine hopes to be a platform for talented new comers as well as experienced pros wanting to have some fun. With future volumes, the magazine can only get better, and comic authors will learn from experience. The COMIX.INDIA Forum is always available for feedback and peer reviewing of the works. The magazine has the potential to be produced bi-monthly or even monthly, as a mainstream magazine with ads, sold in news stands.

So if you haven’t already got on board, please do. This is an experiment which requires all of us to contribute to develop more meaningful comics/graphic novels in India.

Comix.India has gracioulsy shared these exclusive preview images for their upcoming volume
Please clik on them to see them in full size..

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