M Views : Review of Daksh (Jump vol 6)

16 Jan


Published in : Jump vol 6 by Level 10
Writer – Shamik Dasgupta
Art: Biboswan Bose
Colors: Neeraj Menon

(For preview and some inside news about Daksh go here and here!)
 Daksh – a half human/half demon offspring of Yama (the king of  hell) and a human princess of a bygone era lets his feelings for a doomed woman in hell distract him from his duties resulting in the escape of many scores of  “sinner” souls to the world.
He is banished form hell by Yama and tasked to bring back all the escapees by killing them again on earth . Till he does that his doomed lover would endure torture at the hands of yamdoots! And so begins Daksh’s journey in our world.
We all know that this series has been embroiled in a bitter controversy over the copyright issue of the character Daksh. So the future of the character is uncertain, but if this continues by the same creators, this has the potential to be a hugely entertaining series.
Before I talk about the story, let me give a standing ovation to Biboswan bose for creating some outstanding visuals. What makes Daksh stand out instantly from the other offerings of this anthology is the beautiful work done by Bibo. And knowing that he is only 21 years old only makes this achievement much more significant. Mark my words, if the Indian publishers won’t be able to hold him due to any reason, I wont be surprised if we see his work published by foreign publishers sometime in the future when he is more polished.

The  character of Daksh definitely has dark shades to it. Shamik wasn’t exaggerating when he said Daksh is going to be a first for the Indian comic scene.
The series merges Judeo-christian mythology with Indian, at the end of which it is faithful to neither, but damn if it isn’t entertaining. Some people though might not be happy with the irreverence displayed towards a certain mythological tale!
The escaped prisoners include personalities like – Hitler, Genghis Khan, Mussolini etc. Imagine the possibilities when Daksh goes against them. At one end , it could be a fun action romp at other there could be meaningful questions raised about life and it’s rewards.
The series could become very potent if the author choses to incorporate the personality traits of each of the aforementioned historical sinners/bad guys in the inevitable battles.
 I think it would be doing injustice to the character if he is just created for a flimsy action story and fails to raise some deeper questions.
Due to the nature of the anthology, this story is mostly setup. Although it’s a well done setup. What will make or break Daksh  is what comes next. We are still learning about his powers and the world he resides in.
Junglee B
What irked me a little was a couple of diologues needlessly spoken in hindi! In my opinion if the entire comic is in one language , then it is assumed that people within the comic are versed in that language. The world created within this comic is the one where people use English to communicate. So why use hindi?
Another peeve of mine was the character of Junglee B. I am sorry, but I don’t see women in India wearing the attire in slum areas! I think her appearance was just an excuse to include a hot female ( like our film industry these days! Shiela – here’s looking at you!)
At the end though it is a by the numbers well done action tale for now, which does the job it is supposed to do: create a new Indian superhero unlike that present in Indian market and give us enough of a teaser to create demand for more.
I want this series to continue despite the controversy and I hope the character of Daksh develops from a single note brawler to a complex one. Where do you stand?

4 Responses to “M Views : Review of Daksh (Jump vol 6)”

  1. Anonymous January 19, 2011 at 7:53 am #

    really a powerful piece of work!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous January 20, 2011 at 10:15 pm #

    awesome,waiting 4 more

  3. Brutality January 24, 2011 at 8:25 am #

    This is one series that needs to continue!

  4. Aalok Madhusudan Joshi January 24, 2011 at 3:09 pm #

    Well I don't know what exactly the matter is but I seem to have heard that the concept of Daksh has been lifted from another book….I don't know who what when where why….can anyone shed some light on this matter…

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