India Comic Con – How it measures up ?

13 Feb
With the upcoming India comicon , we thought we would look at some of the things that make international comicons such pleasure to visit

We also attempt to see whether the Indian comicon would live up to its hype?
Publisher Panels
This is one of the most important attribute of any Comicon. Every publisher worth his salt does panels wherein they interact with fans and release some teasers for upcoming series.
 New titles are announced, New plans for older titles , Upcoming events, editorial changes and  New creative teams ..
DC and Marvel generally have a company wide panel as well as some focusing on their best selling characters / teams. For e.g.: DC generally have their company panel called DC nation, then a panel each for Superman, Batman , Green Lantern etc.. Which focus on the specific characters and upcoming events in their life.
This is a fun filled interaction between comic fans and creators which Whets your appetite for whats coming your way in next few months. ..
India comicon: While publisher panels are not expected to be that extensive, but there is no doubt we would see a host of announcements and upcoming news from various publishers participating. So the first version of the Indian comicon  is shaping up to be a good one!
Creator booths
No comicon is complete without a chance to interact with your favourite creator. There are creator booths where you can go and talk to your favourite writer/artists. If you are lucky you can walk with a special on demand sketch from your favourite artists , pictures with your fav creators and autographs from your favorite writers.

This is where you want to discuss that great idea for the graphic novel you have been having with an industry professional or market your sketching skills by showcasing your portfolio to the people who can make a difference !

India comicon: Again we can expect a lot of creator booths in the upcoming India comicon.

Fans dressed in colorful costumes add glamour to Comicons! Did you ever want to dress up like your favorite comic character? Comicons are where you can fulfill your whim without anyone judging you!
India comicon: I wasn’t sure we would get cosplay in our version of the comicon, because it just might be too much for us Indians to handle. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that there is a costume contest as well in India comicon.. So people get ready to dress like your favorite comic character!
Massive discounts and those hard to find items
Looking for that particular comic / collectible that is missing your collection? Head to your nearest comicon. It’s a good bet that you would be able to find it with many comic shops setting up booths throughout the comicon avenue! 

India comicon: I don’t expect a lot of stalls and a lot of hard to find items. But there are definitely stalls in place for people like us. I would have to wait and watch for this one!

Booth babes
How can a comicon be complete without Booth Babes? Those attractive women hired by publishers to dress up as comic characters to entice people to buy their comics? To be honest we don’t know whether they succeed in selling comics, but we do know they succeed in pulling crowds!
India comicon: I don’t think this is going to happen. Simply because of cultural differences.  Sad, very sad!
This is the first edition of India comicon, and to be honest we don’t expect them to rival long running cons abroad. But we commend their effort and hope the future editions grow bigger and better with more and more publishers signing up and maybe then one day we might challenge the mighty SDCC itself!
Here’s wishing the comic culture grows in India. We wish India comicon – all the best!
For news and reviews related to Indian comic scene.. stay tuned to our blog. Your premiere resource to Indian comic scene. 

One Response to “India Comic Con – How it measures up ?”

  1. Aalok Madhusudan Joshi February 14, 2011 at 12:41 am #

    I seriously hope that this goes well. Would have definitely attended this one but busy. Hope to attend future ones.

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