ComiCon India: Believe the hype!

19 Feb

– Script : Andy
– Visuals: Manks
Its a glorious afternoon here in Dilli Haat, the multitudes and the masses have spoken. Sold out stalls and crowded thongs shall greet thou, newcomer if you have arrived at this late hour to the Comic Con. After spending a good part of the day loitering about with a wide grin on my face the verdict is in.
Comic Con is here to stay.
Merchandise from the corners of the world, and artwork from its horizons dot the scape. Glee filled faces pass me by holding up cherished mementos purchased and coveted. This is a treasure gallery. And in all honesty I feel like a pirate as I walk through it. My hands lurch about almost involuntarily as I pass one stall or the other. There is so much here to grab. So much that I have already missed out on because it is sold out. So much that I will have to come in tomorrow early to collect. But I dont mind, I will come tomorrow. If this convention continued a week it would still not be enough.
(Is it ever enough?)
Workshops abound for the creative mind. For those looking to learn this is the place to be. Right now I am surrounded by amateur artists, bloggers, writers the whole shebang. And I must tell you I have never felt closer to home. A workshop on inking is just wrapping up, and as I move away wiser if only by a little I hear the announcement for the launch of another Indian title. The crowd quietens and that in itself is remarkable. This is not a crowd of curious onlookers and passersby who just happened to be at the right place at the right time. No, every single person here came here to be here. This is a gathering of fanboys. And being a certified fanboy myself I have to say it is a rather proud moment.
To all of you like me who till now could only gaze longingly at photos of Comic Conventions held across the Unites States, this is our mecca. Our watering hole. Our green pastures. The air is alive with the buzz. And I can tell you right now this particular event will only get bigger. Yeah, Im psychic like that. Cosplay seems to have picked up too, which was a pleasant surprise. Dressing up like comic book characters requires us to put aside are innate Indian sensibilities and my salute goes off to the brave ones who chose to adorn the attires of their favorite heroes to this place. I just had a chat with a rather well dressed Ichigo which served to reaffirm my faith in fanboy pride.
As fort the releases, there are so many names to feature that this tiny article space will not be enough. Rest assured, we will be coming out with a full list of the best of ComicCon India soon. We will be reviewing each and every one of these titles to let you know what lived up to its name and what fell flat. Stay tuned as the Adventures of M brings to you the very best the Indian Comic Book Industry has to offer.
Right after this short break.

2 Responses to “ComiCon India: Believe the hype!”

  1. Anonymous February 19, 2011 at 6:02 pm #

    Wow! Will take steps not to miss it in the future.Any stalls featuring US/UK comics/merchandise other than Avengers Toys? I see Valmik in the pic 🙂

  2. Aalok Madhusudan Joshi February 19, 2011 at 6:02 pm #

    Wow! Will take steps not to miss it in the future.Any stalls featuring US/UK comics/merchandise other than Avengers Toys? I see Valmik in the pic 🙂

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