ComiCon India : The Rain Song.

20 Feb
– The song sung by our very own Awesome Andy!

Day two of the Comic Con and I must say, the storm clouds are gathering. No seriously, the storm clouds are gathering. What started as a bright sunny day has turned into a clouded affair, the cool breeze whips through the trees and lightens the sweat off my brow. Meanwhile the crowds keep growing thicker and thicker. Had someone told me a year ago that one day I would be standing in the line for a Comic Con in India, I would have laughed in their face. And then I would have elaborated in a certain manner on the doomed state of affairs in the Comic Book Industry in India today. But I stand corrected. The Comic Con has happened and there is right as rain a line stretching out in front of all manner of venues.
But inside the mood is festive. No gathering clouds can dampen these spirits. The Sunday has brought out the Delhites in all of us. Papa, Mama, Chotu and Munni are all out in their raiments surverying and sampling the many delights of the Comic Con. Its a vicious cycle for the poor parents who I suspect dont really gather what the big deal is anyway. The kids however do their part and a fresh tantrum can be heard breaking out at every alternate stall.
Speaking of Stalls, a surprise discovery was seeing Level Ten comics standing with an empty stall so early in the day. Suspecting somthing omnious I approached with caution only to be greeted by a jubiliant grin. They stand sold out. The toys are still doing brisk business, and Avenger Toys has created a niche for itself in the indoor section. World Comic Books interestingly has expanded a stall with robust sales helping propel them forwards into the new Year. Good omens and signs all and a smile grows out slowly on my face.
Yes, it is working. The spell that was cast has taken effect. And I can feel the magic let loose seeping in. Dont you just love it when a plan comes together?
Cosplay still abounds with a few Indian heroes making the mark. Kalki is a steady attraction with kids eagerly waiting to get clicked alongside the hero. Superman was a surprise find, I would have chatted him up but he seemed busy on a call. Could be important so I figured I’d catch him some other time. So I left the Man of Steel to his musings and caught a glance of Chacha Choudhary as well. In all probability schooling some amateur with his vast intellect. 
Eventually I landed up near the main stage just in time to catch the launch of “Random” collected volume. Random magazine as a concept was inspired from Mad, featuring quick humor and satire. Present at the launch was the creator of titular comdedy character Simpoo Singh who led the audience around with a few laughs and elaborated on how he came up with the character. Thunder growls above me and Indra reminds me that I best find shelter or lose all I have written. A final crack and the heavens open up. Dodging raindrops and fleeing crowds I found my own makeshift shelter. That is right ladies and genteel folk come rain, hail or snow…the adventures will continue. Within my shelter, hidden from the elements I now stand, surrounded by crowds both anxious and eager. Whispers float around of a “washout” and “what will happen now” but I’m not worried. No rain is wet enough to put out the fire in a fanboy’s heart.
Besides, its the rains. To my uncertain eye, the Gods have blessed this endeavor. The Gods have blessed these efforts. No greater blessing than one that comes from the heavens. The rain is slowly but surely letting up and already I can see the Comic Con come back to life. As I suspected, this festival is far from over.
Sieg Zeon!!!

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