Comic Addicts: East meets West on Comics

21 Apr
“Change is the only thing constant in this universe”. How many times have we heard this? And every time we have felt ourselves nodding to that statement.

I am glad to inform everyone that the winds of change have hit “the adventures of M”. What started out as an individual effort to promote comic culture has evolved into a team effort. Along the way I have met likeminded individuals who are as passionate and even “addicted” to comics as I am.

And we are all the more better for it! So without further ado let me introduce Comic Addicts team (alphabetically i.e. 😉 ;)) :

Aalok Joshi : The guy who took it upon himself to review every DC trade published, so that others can get up to speed on understanding the DC comics universe. He still toils with us on this endeavor. He has also promised to regale us with his knowledge and reviews of old Indian comic books; after all he has an enviable collection of Indrajaal comics. If you like comics and you are not excited to hear from this guy, there is something wrong with you.
Akshay Dhar:  One of the upcoming writers in Indian comic book industry and a comic geek out and out.  It is a privilege to know such a guy exists and that he is writing comics! He reads everything from US/European to Manga and has promised to share his awesomeness with us in his weekly column titled: weekly wayfarer, coming your way every Wednesday. So watch out for some interesting article pieces that would jog your memory and make you crave comics even more!
Amanda white:  She hails from USA and has been a comic enthusiast since forever. She has been going to various conventions and has a degree in English. If her first article “Comic book are for kids: how to respond” is any indication, she is going to be the sauve, erudite female among a bunch of geek nutjobs! And we are lucky to have her with us. Expect scathing attack on world perspective on comics as well as the latest from the US comic industry every Sunday.
Anirudh Singh: Andy as he is popularly known is the Manga expert of the team. He is one the people who joined us when it was just M.  He will be writing a series of articles where he would start exploring the manga genre’s. We had a lot of requests from people who wanted to get into Manga but didn’t know where to begin. Well, no need to worry anymore.. Look out for his weekly feature on Mondays that will help you kickstart your Manga drug.
Mohit Sadhu: What would manga be without Anime?  Please meet our resident Anime and Sci-fi expert. He would be writing on this blog bi-monthly.  Let him help you widen your horizons :D.. On a side , the guy is a game freak, so any conversation with him on these topics would get you everywhere.
Nishkarsh Chugh: Does this guy really need introduction? He is the youngest member of the team (in standard 10) and rising star of the comic blogging world . The owner of erstwhile Gotham comics blog, and a comic enthusiast out and out. Expect him to take on the growing world of Indian comics with the same charm , wit and enthusiasm in Nish’s Notepad every Tuesday.
Stewart Loud: The stalwart of the team, used to write column titled: “Stewart’s Slate” on the adventures of M, stays in UK and is probably the biggest Punisher fan I know. Expect news, reviews and previews from the best of Western and European comics as well as sneak peek behind the comic conventions going on in UK. He would be spreading his infectious British charm on every Friday!
Vinay Pawaskar: The dark horse of the team. I can vouch for his scintillating wit and acerbic tongue from experience. No one knows what he is going to talk about (even himself); we can only hope it is about comics. Even if it isn’t, you won’t want to miss his skewed perspective.. trust me on this! He will writing bi-monthly for us. Keep looking out!
And then there is yours truly! I intend to bring you the latest in comic industry worldwide be it US/Europe/Manga/India, it would be my endeavour to keep you updated with the comic industry across the globe.
Apart from what has been mentioned above, expect surprises every now and then. The team is excited to launch this platform and is working behind the scenes to help you deep dive in the GLOBAL comic culture.
We would also actively work to help promote comic culture in countries where there is a dearth of it. For this, we have chosen India as our first target since majority of this team is based in India and Indian comics are showing a sign of resurgence.
If you want to be a part of comic addicts team and you think you have the flair for writing or have something to say about the state of comics in your native country, feel free to drop us a line on our fb page (you can find it on the right hand side too) or comment below.  We have two open slots every month for guest writers. If you have the capability, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity.
So there you have it folks, a list of who’s who on this team as well as a sneak peek into what you can expect from this site. If you would like to know more about all the comic addicts I proudly introduced today, you can find them all on our Facebook page.
Get started and get addicted.
PS: We won’t give you a free comic if you spread the word about comic addicts but we would happily give you the title of “Comic Addict”.
We are open to any suggestions for improvement from your side. Do drop us a line on what you think of comic addicts.
‘nuff said.


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    It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

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