Having Geek Pride

24 Apr
Remember in high school how being a geek was a bad thing? Remember the freshman and social hazing? Remember all of the name calling? Remember the snobby looks and derogatory comments? Did you ever stop and realize then even though you’re an adult not a whole lot has changed? People just find new ways to degrade you by pointing out that you’re older now so it’s just more pathetic than anything. The comments made as you’re flipping through a comic book or the odd stares in Toys R’ Us as you look through the action figures only further erode the all ready depleting self confidence.

If this article seems like a downer so far, may we offer the sincerest of apologies. That’s not the intent. In fact, it’s time to take pride in your geekdom. It’s time to get happy with your geeky self and we’re here to give you a whole bunch of reasons why. For just a little while, lets let the “normal” people be outed. Ready to start feeling good? Here we go!

First off lets look at the definition of normal. According to the Yahoo! Online dictionary normal is as follows: “Conforming with, adhering to, or constituting a norm, standard, pattern, level, or type; typical”. Seems fairly straight forward, but lets break it down a little bit. “Constituting a norm”, basically what that is saying is that the majority make the rules. There are many occasions where the majority haven’t exactly made the best choices. If you have doubts I refer you to any history text you can get your hands on. Now though from a sociological point of view there is no true “normal”. As times, values, trends, and people change so does that definition. In other words there is no constant for normal. It’s an ideal that is always changing and shifting. Which means that the time of the geek is coming right around the corner. Don’t believe me? Check this out.
According to Variety’s blog ‘

’ written by Tom McLean who follows the trends, buzz, and business of the comic book industry (it ended November 21). The fact that Variety has a comic blog should be making you feel pretty good right about now. In an August post stated that San Diego’s Comic-Con’s attendance was approximately 125,000. Which is about 2,000 more people than the previous year. McLean also stated that at Wizard World’s Chicago comic con they saw numbers of about 68,000. That is a lot of geeks in one spot on both occasions. Are you still feeling alone and outcast? Let’s crank it up a notch.
Let’s take a look at comic book movies for a moment. Sylvester Stallone made a comment once saying that, “Comic book movies are ruining the action movie genre”. Ok Sly, let’s take a look at these numbers. Bukisa.com lists the
. Here’s the quick rundown:
#1: The Dark Knight- $ 158,411,483
#2: Spider-Man- $114,844,116
#3: Spider-Man 2- $88,156,227
#4: Spider-Man 3- $151,116,516
#5: Iron Man- $318,412,101
#6: Batman (1989)- $40,489,746
#7: Men In Black- $51,068,455
#8: X-Men: The Last Stand- $102,750,665
#9: X2: X-Men United- $85,558,731
#10: 300- $70,885,301
It’s not exactly chump change, but then again it’s not ‘Titanic’ numbers either. Even still, those are movies that geeks wanted to see and paid their money to support. Overall, those numbers really aren’t too shabby.
Lastly lets look at some famous comic geeks. That’s right, geeks with power and influence. Neil Patrick Harris is an avid comic geek and has a comic shop on both the west and east coast that he visits depending on where he’s working. Not only that, but Harris has done two superhero voices in the animated movies line from DC. He played The Flash in Justice League New Frontier and he voiced Nightwing in Batman: Under the Red Hood. Seth Green is an avid comic book fan, if you didn’t gather that from his show on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim ‘Robot Chicken’. Nicolas Cage when filming Ghost Rider had to have editors CG out his Ghost Rider tattoo that he has. Not only that, but he named his son Kal-El. Speaking of comic book inspired kids names, Kevin Smith’s daughter is named after a Batman villainess. Her name is Harley Quinn. Phil Morris who plays the Martian Manhunter on ‘Smallville’ is a great fan of comics as well and openly shows his pride whenever he can. There are many others, but that should be enough to give you the idea.
So do you fell better about your geek pride yet? We certainly hope so. There are geeks out there everywhere and our numbers are growing. So it’s only a matter of time before we decided what the norm is. Here’s one last bit to help boost your self confidence a little. If someone says something snide to you about your Green Lanter t-shirt or the comic book your reading tell them that those things make more sense to you than spending $60 on pants that were pre-ripped for a fashion statement. GEEKS LET’S COME TOGETHER!

One Response to “Having Geek Pride”

  1. The Dude April 25, 2011 at 7:09 am #

    "You tell em Steve Dave!!" :DBut kidding aside, nice piece, fully agree with the sentiment. Cheers..

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