Maine Comic Arts Festival 2011

23 May

Today was a very enjoyable day at the Maine Comic Arts Festival in Portland at the Ocean Gateway. The show is put on by Casablanca Comics located in Portland. It was an absolute blast! Of course any time you put that many geeks in one spot, you just know it’s gonna be fun.

The interesting aspect of the Maine Comic Arts Festival is that it’s not the traditional comic book convention. Instead of there being vendors with back issues and collectables from various comic and hobby shops it’s the artists and creators themselves who are there selling their work. It’s a wonderful concept because you actually get to talk to the creator and ask questions they would only be able to answer properly. It’s also just great to be able to talk to people who are in the business of comics.

Many artists were also doing free sketches of any character requested. Jay Piscopo from Capt’n Eli’s was one of the artists doing sketches. There was also a glass blower who made glass word bubbles that could be written on with a dry erase marker and hung on the wall. There was even Israel Skelton from Skelton Crew Studio who do amazing comic replicas. Another interesting table to check out was the one for The Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont. The Center for Cartoon Studies is a college that focuses on drawing and lettering.

The Maine Comic Arts Festival is very well done and also very family friendly. In fact kids 12 and under get in free. Although the admission for adults is only $5 which is a great bargain for any comic geek. Oddly enough though, no one in costume. Well, ok there was one person (ahem) but names won’t be mentioned.

We would greatly like to thank all of the artists and writers with whom conversations were struck up. If you weren’t mentioned or your picture didn’t make it onto the blog, greatest apologies, but we only had so picture space and mental capacity to sort through everyone. However, we at Comic Addicts HIGHLY recommend visiting Maine Comic Art Festival’s official website where all of the guests and their web addresses are listed.

So remember if you’re in Maine at the end of May and want a very artist and writer oriented comic show be sure to check out the Maine Comic Arts Festival. The guests range from local creators such as Dave Naybor and Jay Piscopo to nationally acclaimed creators like Andy Runton (Owly) and Licoln Peirce (Big Nate). Also again to be sure to look at the guests page on the website for a complete lists of artists and creators along with their websites.

If you have any information about other comic events going on in your area please let us at Comics Addicts know. Also if you were at this event and would like to add something about your experience, please do so. Until next time, KEEP GEEKIN’ OUT!

3 Responses to “Maine Comic Arts Festival 2011”

  1. Barry Corbett May 25, 2011 at 4:41 pm #

    Great write-up. The Main Festival is the greatest show of the year… and, perhaps, of all time. It gets bigger and better every year. Last year, there were a few people in costume.

  2. Randall Drew May 25, 2011 at 8:27 pm #

    CCS actually has a much much larger focus on story telling as a whole using the comics medium. There actually is no formal lettering class. There IS however 1 year of "comics boot-camp" where deadlines are frequent and intense and classes that cover nearly every aspect of writing, drawing and publishing your own creator owned works and some cartooning history thrown in for fun!Second year is a self-driven thesis project with the help of a chosen thesis advisor. Graduates can earn one or two year certificates or an MFA. 😀 for more information! is me, a 2010 Graduate of CCS!Cheers!-RD

  3. spryte82 May 26, 2011 at 2:23 pm #

    Thanks! It was a fun show and I'll be honest the first one I've been able to make it to. I used to always have to work Sundays but not anymore. Thanks for the clarification on the CCS. I do appreciate it. I try to gather as much info as possible and then sort through it later, but pieces get lost in the shuffle sometimes. If any of you guys have stuff going on let me know. I'd love to talk to you about it and do a write up on here as well.

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