A call to arms: Talking comics with Level 10

30 May

Comic addicts announces a team up with Level 10 studios!

Do you ever wonder whats going to happen with Major Rafeeq of Rhabas incident?
Did you want to know why has level 10 been changing the art for Shaurya so much?
What is the future of Batu Gaiden?
What goes behind opening a comic studio and running it in India?
What are level 10 future plans?
What other comics are we going to see?

You can know all of this and any other question that comes to your mind , through our monthly segment .

All you have to do is drop the questions that you want to ask Level 10 studios as a comment in the post or on our facebook page (www.facebook.com/comicaddicts) …

We would collate these questions and endeavor to get you answers from Level 10.. The answers would then be posted on the site

So what are you waiting for ? Ask away…

(Please frame your questions that is non-offensive to level 10 and comic community at large, else they would be removed)

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