Leaping Windows, & Mocha TRIP with Comic Addicts present Campfire

10 Jun
Friends, Romans and Countrymen… lend me your ears… and your mobile phones and handsfree and tablets and your iPads and iPods and your Blackberries (yes, they don’t count it under “regular” mobile phone, you see)

It’s time for our next event! Come spend an afternoon with Campfire who will be featuring Lalit Kumar Sharma – illustrator of Prisoner of Zenda, In Defence of the Realm and the forthcoming Muhammad Ali graphic novel (that’s just to name a few; he’s done a whole bunch of stuff). Here’s the detailed agenda for the day (so you can plan your day)

Eagerly awaited Md. Ali Graphic Novel by Campfire. Knock out art by Lalit
Click on image for full size view
When   : 18th June 2011
Where : Cafe Mocha, Defense Colony
Time    : 12 in the afternoon (yes, it’ll be hot, but that’s why there’s gonna be chilling AC and Mocha serves some really cool refreshing beverages – all paid by you, of course
Why     : Er… You really want us to tell you??? I’ll give you 3 solid ones, as starters…

Yup. The Gentleman who drew this will be there… Reason 1.
The prisoner of Zenda – this one good enough for you? No?
If you STILL need a reason, well… read on…

1. Comic Addicts talks to Lalit: We kick off the event with an informal conversation with Lalit. We will be discussing how he got into comics, his time at Raj Comics and the work he’s done with Campfire and any other question that pops up in our crazy heads at that time. Bwaahha haa haa haa. Beware Lalit. Be very very ware.

2. Questions from the audience: After the poor guy is done fielding our grilling questions, we will include you in the discussion, and then YOU can ask Lalit any questions you have. It can be anything – about his favourite comic, his career or art techniques, ex girlfriends, current Facebook status etc. The floor will be all yours

3. Quiz: Once we are done torturing Lalit, we will start our regular quiz (regular at these events, that is), with a Campfire flavour – you can count on some questions from Lalit’s previous books. So if you want to win those single issue prizes you better brush up on your reading! Oh, didn’t we mention it before? You get to win single issues of cool comic books for each correct answer!!!


So how well do YOU know In Defense Of The Realm, eh?

Or, the Prisoner Of Zenda, for that matter, aye? Don’t come crying if you don’t win any goodies. You got more than a week, start preparing!!!

4. Book signing: A good time to grab some coffee, buy a book and catch up with Lalit and other members of the Campfire and Comic Addicts team.

5. Workshop on composition: Lalit will lead a one hour workshop for those interested in art. It will focus on just one aspect of creating a comic book – composition. 

Would YOU like to draw like THIS???

or make a kick-ass comic book, that looks like this???

and lastly, but not the leastly (sic.)

6. Competition: Everyone who takes part in the workshop will be given one page of the Muhammad Ali script which Lalit is currently working on. You can then illustrate this page, incorporating what you have learnt during the workshop. If you do it on the spot, Lalit and other Campfire artists will be around to give you help and advice. Or you can take it home and do it there. Campfire will announce a deadline by which time you will need to scan and send your illustrations to them. These pages will be posted on the Campfire blog, as well as on Comic Addicts and Leaping Windows. After all the submissions have been received, a winner will be chosen. The best part of the competition is the prize – the winner’s page will actually be included in Campfire’s Muhammad Ali book when it’s published and that person will also receive a free, signed copy of the book!!!

So what on earth are you waiting for???
Come wind, come rain, come sun, come pain, BE THERE… Bub!

This is YOU, if you miss this event 😛

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