The Adventures of Karen Ross (Part 5)

12 Jun
There was a light in my eyes. I closed them tight and moved away from it. There was a dull ache all over my body. Either I was still alive or no one told you about the pain of what killed you went along with crossing over. I could feel fingers on my neck. Ok, a good clue that I’m alive. I opened my eyes slowly and turned to the right where I could feel the fingers. Jeff was looking at his watch taking my pulse. His eyes lit up when he saw that I was awake.

“Thank God you’re alive!” he said hugging me.

“Easy, still not completely with it yet, but it is good to see you too,” I said returning the hug as best as I could.

“There was a little while where it was touch and go. I mean your vitals dropped to a dangerously low level,” he said stepping away from the embrace.

“I’ll have to take your word on that. How long was I out?” I asked.

“You were out for about three days,” he said quietly.

“Three days?!” I repeated trying to grasp the idea.

I was about to say something to Jeff when I suddenly noticed that I wasn’t anywhere I recognized. Looking around I saw high marble pillars and ceilings. On the ceilings were beautiful paintings of famous mythological heroes and stories. The paintings were so well done that it looked like the people were going to leap down to stand before me. Around everything was the Greek key pattern that had been a popular form of decoration. Following the pillars around the room it was obviously quite large. Flowers and fruits in baskets with pitchers of liquids on tables lined the walls. At the far end were two huge golden doors with suns and lightning bolts carved into them. The seam of the two doors went right through the middle breaking the picture into two pieces if the doors were to open. I looked back at Jeff who was standing in front of a very old chair, but oddly enough seemed brand new. Even the bed I was on had a very antique style about it even though it shone like it was just purchased out of a show room. I looked back a Jeff quizzically.

“Where are we?” I asked.

“You can’t tell?” he smirked mischievously.

“If I could I wouldn’t ask,” I sighed.

“We’re on Mount Olympus!” he said excitedly.

“THE Mount Olympus?”

“Is there any other?”

“That depends, are we in Vegas?”

“Karen, this is the real deal! This is such a scientific achievement! This is such a discovery! No mortal within the past thousand years has been here!”

“This is all great, but man my head is spinning. I mean, is this real, or have I completely gone to the funny farm?” I said as I rested a hand on my head.

“Ok, I know this is a lot for you right now, trust me three days ago I couldn’t believe it either, but you know how skeptical I get about things, so please please please trust me when I tell you this is the real deal!” Jeff spoke as if is mouth couldn’t keep up with his head so the words came out fast and almost incoherently.

“Listen, slow down, take a breath. You’re telling me that Ares brought us all here?”

“Yeah, he said something about training once your body adjusted to the changes,”

I had almost forgotten about what Ares had done to my body. Well, aside from the pain anyway. I flung the covers back only to see I had been fitted with tunic for starters. When in Rome I suppose. I pulled up the tunic enough to see my knees. There were no scars and they actually looked like they belonged on a track star. They didn’t look or feel like mine. I pulled down the neck of the tunic enough to see that the scar on my chest was gone and my ribs were now even. My rib cage had never settled properly after the surgery so they were always a little lopsided, but not anymore. I couldn’t believe this, there was no possible way this could all be real. I looked back at Jeff who gave me a weird knowing glance.

“I am having a really REALLY hard time wrapping my mind around all of this,” I said shocked at the changes to myself.

“Well unfortunately I have orders to bring you to the great hall once you come to. We should get going, but I want you to lean on me so that you don’t topple over,” he said holding his hand out to me.

I swung my legs over the side of the bed inching my butt over preparing to stand on my new and improved legs. I reached my hand out grasping Jeff’s and that’s when things got very bizarre.

I suddenly found myself looking through Jeff’s memories. He was a boy genius and had been ever since birth. At three months old he used his blocks to create a mathematical formula for an advanced water purification system. When he was nine months he had the family budget planned out for the year including balancing his parents’ check book. It was shortly after his third birthday that he found his parents talking and stressing about his abnormal abilities. They were a bit freaked out by his capabilities and didn’t know what exactly to do with him. Jeff stepped in and made a deal with them. He told them that they could go off and start a new life leaving him here, but in return they had to sign a legal contract he had made up basically saying that they would never turn him into the state and wherever they went they could not mention that they had a son. They agreed leaving Jeff the house and a few belongings. After that Jeff built himself a super sophisticated laboratory where he was free to build and invent to his heart’s desire. I also saw that Jeff worked closely with the government. He would make various inventions, solve problems, and even various vaccinations in return for money and that the credit was given to someone else. Jeff was actually quite rich because of this. Although I found it funny that he was at his happiest hanging out with James and I.

I let go and my head was spinning. Jeff didn’t seem to be faring too much better. He looked at me with his face white and I couldn’t believe that such a thing had happened. Jeff stumbled backwards sitting in the chair near the bed. I gripped the edge of the bed trying to get my head back under control while I stared at Jeff in awe.

“I’m sorry I have no idea how that happened. I have never done anything like that before,” I talked low.

“I could feel you roaming around inside my head. You saw everything didn’t you?” he asked shakily.

“Yeah I did and now I know why I always got the feeling you were hiding something. I don’t blame you for keeping it a secret, but I will admit that there is part of me that wishes you would have trusted me enough to let me in,”

“How would I go about that exactly? ‘Karen I know we’re best friends and for the record I made a deal with my parents to abandon me and I’m a freaky super genius with ties to the government.’ That’s not something that’s going to come up in casual conversation,” he said flustered.

“You’re right, and I’m sorry. I just figured that since I shared everything with you that the favor would be returned,” I snapped.

“Yeah, you have been very open with me. I’m sorry Karen,” he sighed.

“It’s ok, what’s done is done. Right now though I think we’re really going to need each other. My life is, hmph, I guess my old life is completely gone at this point,”

“Here’s let’s get you to the main hall,” Jeff said going for my forearm.

I smiled as I set my feet on the cool smooth marble floor. Going through the golden doors I saw that my little room was nothing compared to what the rest of Mount Olympus looked like. The view was like seeing the whole world all at once. It was a view that mortals never got to see and a right reserved only for the Gods. I could feel that my mouth was agape. I closed and turned my focus to the ground level. It was like a rich village. Each God had their own palace and their own spot on Mount Olympus. It was easy to tell whose was whose. For example Aphrodite’s was a shining palace in pearl and edged with diamonds. Ares’ choice in decor was dark with fire and sharp protrusions.

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