Green Lantern Movie Review

19 Jun

The buzz this weekend is about the premier of the Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds and Mark Strong as Hal Jordan and Sinestro. Why is this movie such a big deal? Well the only DC heroes that have made it to the big screen are Superman and Batman. This is one of the main Justice League of America members who has his own following and yet this is Green Lantern’s first big screen debut. Therefore, OF COURSE IT’S A BIG DEAL!

We here at Comic Addicts were naturally jumping at the chance to see this flick. So we donned our glowing Green Lantern rings and went for the theater. We still had to drive there because as the fine print says on the rings, “This will not enable you to fly”. Sad yes, but we made do.

First if you’re wondering, “Is it worth seeing it in 3D?” If you have the extra cash it actually is. The two biggest reasons are, firstly, the space scenes. You really get the perspective of depth. In other words; it truly feels like you’re floating out in space. The second reason is for the flight scenes. 3D allows you to follow Hal as he zips about the skies and it seems as though you’re right there in the air with him.

The big question of course has been, “How is Ryan Reynolds going to do as Hal Jordan?” It was hard to predict because Reynolds usually plays a dry wit sarcastic characters. Hal Jordan on the other hand has been rather serious with just enough of a sense of humor to see him through his trials. Reynolds starts out in his usual sarcastic tone, but as the film goes on you discover that it’s just a defense mechanism. The more he does the more that tactic seems to erode away. By the end of the film he much more resembles the Hal Jordan we all know and love.

Like with any other comic movie subtle changes were made to make things work better. The biggest changes that were made were with Sinestro and the Guardians. Don’t panic just yet. It’s actually not a bad thing.

Mark Strong does an absolute FANTASTIC job of playing the iconic character. In the film Sinestro isn’t evil. Remember that this is the origin story. Sinestro is Jordan’s mentor, so that’s accurate. What Strong brought to the character, with some help from the script, is that Sinestro is upset and frustrated. He feels this way because his mentor and friend have died and his replacement is a being from a planet where they still think they’re the center of the universe. He’s also upset with the Guardians because there is an enemy out there making its way to OA, killing planets along the way, and it has killed Green Lanterns but they withhold important information and act like it’s no big deal. So between the less evolved rookie and his fellow Lanterns being killed Sinestro has a lot on his plate. This is a new emotional aspect that hasn’t been brought to Sinestro before, but it works very well.

The Guardians on the other hand resemble the Jedi Council. They sit on their citadel in extremely high chairs and show no emotion and pass judgment on the actions of the Green Lantern Corps. They also give information on what they feel is a need to know basis. The attitude they have fits that of a race that has been around since the dawn of time. The downside? It really seems to irk everyone else to whom it comes across as apathy. For example as a last ditch effort Hal asks the council for help in stopping Paralax from destroying Earth. Pretty much everyone on OA views Earth as the short bus of the universe because humans are such a young and unenlightened species. The response Hal gets is, “Your intentions are noble, but yeah, we really can’t spare anybody. Sorry about that,”
Overall the movie is the right mixture of story, explanation, and action. There is plenty of back story, but always in context with what’s going on and it’s not overkill either. You follow Hal’s transformation from an unsure of himself test pilot to getting on the road to being one of the best Green Lanterns in the history of the core. One thing to note as you watch the film is to keep an eye on Hal’s uniform. As the film goes on it resembles more and more the costume that we’re all used to seeing in the comics. The more Hal gets better with the ring and the more his focus grows the more defined his uniform gets. It’s very subtle, but noticeable.

The effects were amazing and one of the biggest thrills was getting to see glimpses of the various alien races that make up the core. The crowd scenes on OA show the vastness of alien races that were chosen to make up the Green Lantern Corps. Which was something that was always touched upon but not really shown until later issues of Green Lantern.

Also, without giving too much away, we will say that they left it wide open for a sequel which could be epic. As you have probably seen in the previews the yellow element is introduced. The only other thing we will say is that you shouldn’t leave when the credit start.

It was a great movie and we at Comic Addicts encourage you to check it out for yourselves. In fact we would love to know what you thought of the film as well. Please let us know what worked for you and what didn’t either by posting your comment here or on our Facebook page.

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