The Adventures of Karen Ross (Part 6)

19 Jun
Jeff led me down the steps of where we were, which I’m assuming was a guest house. Although I had to wonder how many guests the Gods had. Touching my feet on the ground it was weird how soft the terrain was. This was the epitome of luxury. Jeff led me around the path to a huge white pantheon.

It was what I always imagined the meeting house of Mount Olympus would look like. In fact it resembled the one in The Clash of the Titans very much. Going inside though the set up was much different. There was a long hallway lined with large marble statues and torches. There were murals along the wall behind the statues. As I looked at those murals I found that they told the history of the Earth. The history according to Gods. It was remarkable really. At the end of the hallway were more giant gold doors. Before we got to them Ares came out from the other side of them pushing it open waiting for us. Walking past him I found myself in a room much like the Wizard’s throne room in The Wizard of Oz. Only instead of a holographic head sitting on the throne was a man with long white curly hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He was in amazing shape and his muscles showed through his toga. His smile was warm and inviting while his eyes sparkled a certain mischievousness masking a great power and temper. I knew at once that it was Zeus. I stood before him in complete awe. Despite all of the things I was physically feeling that told me this was real I was still willing to believe this was all a dream.

“Welcome Karen Ross!” Zeus boomed with his arms outstretched.

“I appreciate the warm welcome sir,” I stammered.

“Do you have any idea how long we have been looking for you?” he asked leaning on the left side of the throne.

“Ares had mentioned that it’s been a few centuries,” I said motioning to Ares who was still standing by the doors.

“That’s putting it mildly,” Zeus sighed.

“You’ll forgive me sir if I say that my mortal brain hasn’t fully wrapped around the concept that everything I know is wrong and that my old life pretty much went out the window. This is all happening very fast for me,” I said.

“I know and unfortunately things are only going to go faster. Time is of the essence Tyfin. You see not too long ago a beast, also of legend, surfaced. This beast has been incubating since time on this planet began. It is the very embodiment of evil and negativity. It feeds on destruction and has the power to destroy the world twice over and remake it in chaos. I know too that it is more powerful than we are which is why we need you,” Zeus explained with a grave tone to his voice.

“You all assume that I can do something about this? I barely have a concept of what it is that Tyfin is and suddenly you expect me to have a solution for something that Gods themselves cannot take care of?! Talk about being thrown out of the frying pan and into the fire!” I said completely flustered.

“We will train you and through that training your instincts will awaken,” Ares said stepping in.

“Can I please get an explanation for what it is that I am now?” I sighed feeling very much lost.

“Tyfin is the chosen one who is the bridge between mortals and the mystical realm. They are to fight for both sides keeping the balance and one day will bring about Utopia. Tyfin is a very powerful being possessing skills and abilities unlike any other,” Zeus said.

“Uh-huh, and you do realize that a mere three days ago I was a broken teenager on the verge of having a nervous break down. Then not more then ten minutes ago I was a fixed very confused and bewildered teenager so it’s going to be quite a leap to this ultimate hero you’re talking about,” I said spitting the words out rather fast.

“You have one week to learn and come into your powers. Ares will take you to our training site,” Zeus said sternly.

There was no arguing with him at this point. I had just been dismissed by the king of the Gods. While one part of my brain thought that was amazingly cool the other part was very frustrated. They all expected me to save the world when I had no real grasp on who it was that I am now. I felt Jeff put a hand on my shoulder as he tried to be supportive for me.

We followed Ares down the steps of the grand hall. At the bottom of the stairs was a great black war chariot. Four creatures were tied to the reins at the front. They looked like horses, draft horses even, but they were huge and pitch black. Their eyes burned like fire and smoke came from their nostrils with every breath. Even the chariot itself was intimidating. The design etched into it matched Ares’ armor and the wheels had long blade protrusions to cut down enemies. The blades were serrated and designed so that they did the most damage when spinning; although, I couldn’t help but notice the end which was sharpened to a fine point was perfect for impaling someone.

Getting into the chariot I was surprised to see that three people fit into it more comfortably than I had originally thought. Ok, well one God and two teenagers anyway. Ares snapped the reins and yelled a command to his war horses. Before I knew it we were air born. This was absolutely amazing! I was loving every minute of this! The wind in my face, the sun shining, the phenomenal view, and the slight bit of sheer terror at how fast we were going as well as the drops and weaving Ares was doing. Then again I was handling it better than poor Jeff who looked like he was going to throw up and pass out. Chuckling at him would have been cruel; but then again I never claimed to be a nice person. I suddenly noticed that we were flying low to the water. There were a lot of cruise ships. We must be in the Bahamas region which meant we were getting close to the states. We flew by a couple of guys on a boat fishing. I know that they saw us because I made eye contact with them.

“Uh Ares, I don’t know if it’s a concern for you or not, but the guys fishing back there saw us,” I said pointing back to the boat.

“We’re in the Bermuda Triangle. They’ll just chalk it up to a UFO sighting,” Ares said over his shoulder.


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