Comic Addicts talk to Yogesh Pugaonkar

26 Jun
With Ravanayan being the next big thing on the charts for the month of July, we decided to have a little tête à tête with Yogesh Pugaonkar, the colorist who has done a lot of work on Ravanayan along with several other projects. Here is the excerpt from the interview:

Yogesh Pugaonkar

Comic Addicts: Hey Yogesh. So why don’t we start with you telling our readers something about yourself?

Yogesh Pugaonkar: Thank you Comic Addicts, for the talk. I am Yogesh Ravindra Pugaonkar. I have been born and brought up in Mumbai. Currently I am working in a Gaming Studio as a Creative Head where I design games for PSP, PC and Handheld Devices as iPhone, iPod & iPad. Till date I have designed over 30 games.
I have been working for the Indian Art & Animation Market for the last 10 years now. It includes Animation, Character Designs for Magazines, Game Designs, Web Designing and Individual Animation Projects etc.
CA: Wow. That’s quite a handful! So how did you manage to make the transition from designing to the Comic media?

YP: Most of the game and web designing is a part of my work. Comics, on the other hand, are my passion. As a child I used to be very fascinated and interested by all types of comic books. I used to love those characters in the comic book which my father used to bring for me. Those characters, the way they were drawn, the way they expressed everything even without written text, all this used to enthrall and inspire me. I started drawing all those characters all the time, at times even covering my school books. This is how the love for drawing and art blossomed in me.

One of Yogesh’s early works published in Comix India
Click on the image to view full screen

CA: School books? Wow. I bet your teachers weren’t very happy with your talent back then, eh? So what were your favorite characters as a child?

YP: There were a lot of them. To name a few, Chacha Chowdary, Supanndi and of course the classics like Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Wolverine, Snake Eyes, Daredevil and many more.
CA: Nice. So how did you transition from scribbling in your textbooks to this fantastic artist and colorist you are today?

YP: As I grew up, I honed my drawing skills mostly by observation and constant practice. I just kept on doing it until I got it right, got it the way I would want it to be. This helped me turn my hobby into my career.
CA: Have you undergone any formal training?

YP: Not really. I am what you can call a self-taught artist. Wherever I am today is mainly due to diligence and by overcoming my mistakes and learning from them, which helped me, move ahead and get a foothold in the field of art.
CA: I am sure it must have been quite an experience. Tell us how did you finally enter the Comic industry?

YP: Well, as I said, I have always been fascinated by Comic Books and the form of art used in them. I was looking for the right opportunity to somehow get in the Indian Comic Industry and luckily, I found one. I met an artist on the internet and after some discussion, I sent him my portfolio.
CA: Wow. First audition! Were you nervous?

YP: You bet I was nervous. I sent my portfolio consisting of some art works I had done over the years. He saw them, and pretty much dismissed all of them, except one, which had managed to catch his expert eye. Thankfully, somehow he managed to judge me by the means of that one art which had impressed him and He gave me my first break in the Comic Industry. The artist was none other than Vivek Goel, and the piece that impressed him was a drawing of Iron Man I had made. Lemme see if I can find that old thing for you… Gimme a minute…
<minutes tick by>… <several more minutes>… <and finally>

ah, there you go. This is what Vivek liked and this made him give me a chance. It was a turning point of my career. My entry in the Comic Industry was solely due to Vivek and I will always be thankful to him for all his constant kind support and confidence in me.

The one that started it all…
Click on the image to view full screen

CA: You made this? Dang! I was thinking it was a printout! I bet lots of our readers thought that too, didn’t ya all? So I guess after this initial tie-up, Vivek and you have done quite a lot of work together?

YP: We have worked together for many projects, with Vivek as a Penciller and Me as a Colorist.
Our work has already been published in Comix India, Level 10 and in a unique opportunity, also with Moonstone Comics (US) – which we kindda won as a prize.
CA: That is quite an achievement Yogesh, we are very proud of you! What are you working on these days?

YP: Currently, I am working as a part time colorist for Vivek Goel and Vijayendra Mohanty’s upcoming series Ravanayan. I also did the cover and promo art for Were House, volume 1 of which was published by Holy Cow! Entertainments this May. I am looking forward to give a boost to Indian Comic Industry with my skill and ability. I want my presence to make a difference in Indian Comic industry.

Yogesh (sitting – 3rd from left) with the team of Ravanayan, his wife and our very own Wolverine and Harley Quinn

The Were House Vol. 1 cover – colored by YRP

CA: We are sure you WILL make a difference Yogesh. You already have with your current projects. So any quick sneak peak at any of your upcoming projects?

YP: Thank you Comic Addicts. For the future, all I can tell you is that I will be coming up with my creator owned project very soon.

This awesome poster will be available in Comic Con Express Mumbai along with some other posters which will be exclusively made for Comic Con by Yogesh
Click on the image to view full screen

CA: We sure can’t wait to get our hands on it! All the very best for all your future endeavors Yogesh. We wish you luck! Thank you for taking out time to talk with us, it was a pleasure.

YP: The pleasure is all mine.
CA: We just told you. It’s ours.

YP: No, it’s MINE.
CA: We called dibs on it first, so the pleasure is ours!

YP: Whatever, it’s my home, so it’s mine, and if you don’t like it, you can get out!

All right, all right. I confess! The last 4 lines in the italics never really happened, it’s just a product of my juvenile fantasy. But honestly, tell me, aren’t you glad you read it all the way to the last line, aye?

And since you did stick around, here are some exclusive goodies only for you!
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And this one is specially for all your comic fan boys (and girls, of course) out there…

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