The Adventures of Karen Ross (Part 9)

18 Jul

I nodded before leaving the hut. Going up the hill I could see the remains of the sunset. The sky was streaked with orange, red, and purple. There was just enough light remaining when I reached the table to see what I was doing. Taking the wet piece of tunic I began wiping one of the blood stains. I was actually amazed at how easily it came off. Then the thought crossed my mind that it was done fairly recent. I moved on to another one only to have the same result. Perhaps these were here for show just to psyche me out. After I was done cleaning the table I could see all of the carvings more vividly. The moon had come out and was shining full and bright making it easy for me to see. I saw the signs of the zodiac as well as symbols for the four elements. There was a lot of Greek writing that I couldn’t make out, but whatever it said must have been important to have been carved into a sacrificial alter. I also saw the symbol for Mount Olympus several times. Suddenly I saw something strange in the upper right corner. There was a compass rose and where there should have been the symbol for north was a bizarre sign of an infinity loop. In the left loop was tiger and in the other was a griffin. I had never seen anything like it before.

I turned my attention from the table to the night sky. The stars shone brightly here and it put my troubled mind at some ease. I had always thought of myself as an amateur astrologist and loved looking for the various constellations. Sliding up and sitting onto the table I felt the coolness of the stone on my bare legs which sent chills up my spine. The breeze picked up bringing with it the smells from the ocean and various flowers on the island. Just then there was a blanket draped over my shoulders from behind. I jumped as I turned around to look. There was Jeff giving me a concerned look as he set a pillow on the slab.

“You may have to sleep up here, but you shouldn’t have to catch pneumonia while you’re at it,” he said.

“Thank you,” I smiled.

“Just trying to help out where I can,” he nodded.

Jeff went back down the hill to the hut. I watched him go until he went inside. I took one last look at my surroundings before stretching out. Getting comfortable was not going to be easy. Still, I couldn’t help but notice that there was a certain warmth and gentle pulsing emitting from the table. Ares must have been right about the cosmic energy contained within it. After a few minutes I realized that the pulsing seemed to be in synch with the waves and natural rhythm of the island itself. Believe it or not this had the same effect of being rocked on a porch swing. I fell asleep quicker than I thought I would have.

There was a strange humming noise that woke me. Groggily I opened my eyes only to have six staring back at me. Sitting up with a start I saw three women standing around me. They all looked exactly alike aside from their hair color. The one to my left had dark brown hair, the one to my right had bright red hair, and the one standing directly in front of me had bright blonde hair. These must be the Fates. What was I supposed to say to them?

“You Karen Ross are the chosen one who will fulfill the prophecy,” they all spoke at one in the same tone of voice.

“That’s what I keep getting told,” I said realizing as it came out how stupid it really sounded.

“You must understand the importance of this,” said the brunette.

“I know that I’m supposed to unite the races and save the world,” I looked at her.

“There is much more to it than that,” said the blonde.

“You are proof of a fallacy in infallible beings,” said the red head.

“Beg your pardon?” I asked confused.

“We are all knowing and control the fate of every single speck of dust in the cosmos,” said the blonde.

“We never make mistakes. Not one since time began,” said the brunette.

“You are our one mistake which is why you are so important,” said the red head.

“Ok I can understand that, but let me ask just one question. Weren’t you all told that you would make a mistake? If that is the case isn’t it a planned mistake which is the very opposite of the definition of a mistake?” I asked.

“You are right to an extent,” said the brunette.

“We were aware that a mistake was going to be made,” said the blonde.

“We simply had no idea as to when the mistake would be made so we could not take measures to counter act it,” said the red head.

“You are proof that there were circumstances beyond our control,” said the blonde.

“That makes sense, I think,” I said mulling it over.

“Seventeen years ago the stars were aligned in such a way that we had a hard time to assign a form to a new life,” said the brunette.

“We thought we had made the right decision since nothing catastrophic happened,” said the red head.

“As strange as it may sound, the balance felt off after that decision. It was then that our attention turned to you,” said the blonde.

“Wait, you said seventeen years ago. I’m only sixteen,” I said.

“Decisions on form are made at the moment of conception. Once conception happens the form is all ready set,” said the brunette.

“Never thought of it that way before. If I may ask, what is this balance you mentioned?” I asked.

“It is the force that gives cause and reason to the function on this planet and within the very cosmos,” said the red head.


“This is what you must defend,” said the blonde.

“Whoa, what?!” I asked shocked.

“The balance is what allows the world to work. If that balance were to be upset everything would fall into chaos,” said the brunette.

“While some chaos is essential to the function of the balance too much destroys it,” said the red head.

“Ok so we’re really only talking about the eternal battle between good and evil?” I asked with a sigh of relief.

“In essence yes,” nodded the blonde.

“I think I understand what I have to do now,” I said thinking the information over.

Suddenly the humming was back, but this time it wasn’t disturbing. Instead it was rather relaxing. I lie back down feeling very heavy. The Fates still stared at me which under other circumstances would have creeped me out, but right now I didn’t care. I remember laying my head back on the pillow and that is all.

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