A Look at Heroes and Villians Yet to Come; Your Thoughts?

8 Aug

There have been a lot of images coming out on the net lately to tease us geeks about upcoming film projects. We at Comic Addicts have gathered up the latest to share with you. So here they are – Heroes and Villains coming soon to the big screen.

And while you view and contemplate, what are your thoughts to these probing questions:

Does Andrew Garfield seem as though he’ll make a good Spider-Man?

Do you prefer this costume to Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man costume?

Are you looking forward to seeing the old fashioned web-shooters or did you prefer the organic web-shooters Raimi came up with?

What do you think about the look of the new Bane?

How do you think Nolan is going to tweak his origin?

What is up with that thing on his face?

Did he perhaps consult Hannibal Lecter for fashion tips?

What do you think of this costume (so far) as opposed to the one in the comics?

How do you think Tom Hardy is going to do as the famed villain who brought down Batman?

How is the venom drug going to work? You can’t see tubes going into his head here. Will they use Venom at all?

Is this costume going to work for an iconic character like Catwoman?

Do you feel Anne Hathaway going to make a good Catwoman?

Sure she’s pretty, but will she have the sultry-ness and moves to bring out the feisty edge that is signature for the character?

Overall, how excited are you to see the Dark Knight Rises?

And last but not least:

What do you think of this take on the Superman costume?

Do you think Henry Cavill looks the part of the Man of Steel?

How do you think he’ll do as Superman and Clark Kent?

Tell us what you think about these pictures as well as adding your thoughts to one or two of the questions we’ve posed to you about each one. After all, we comic geeks are in this together!

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