Exclusive Teaser from Level 10!!!

11 Aug
Click on the image to view it in its full size glory!
… and what a teaser it IS!
In fact, Level 10 has taken teasing to a different level where it’s graduated from being a harmless teasing to harassment! It has evolved from being a teaser to a culinary mash up between curiosity, suspense, mystery with a pinch of annoyance and anxiety chased by a shot of “can’t wait to get my fangs in it!!!”

Dog Damn! Just look at the cover! Makes you curious, doesn’t it?
I bet we’ll have a few dozen dead cats after this post.
When we asked Level 10 to explain the cover a little, shed a little light on it, here is what we got:
“Good guys finish last
 Ballads of Northern Malabar”
Huh! Great help Suhas! THIS makes things immensely clear. Clear as a bell – however clear a bell is supposed to be! (WHO thinks of such non sensible idioms?)

Anyway, so the only thing we DO know are the credits – partial, that is…

Written by Suhas Sundar
Artwork and Letters by Deepak Sharma

On a serious note, the artwork looks damn neat and impressive to me.

From the teaser it looks like Level 10 has decided to take things up to the next level (no pun intended)

I, for one, can’t wait to grab this one from the shelves and finish it in one go! I can’t wait for this one to be released.

Stay tuned for more exclusives from Level 10 right here!

One Response to “Exclusive Teaser from Level 10!!!”

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