Knowing Jazyl Homavazir

30 Aug
Who is Jazyl Homavazir?

I’m a 25 year old freelance 2D Animator, Illustrator & Character Concept artist from Mumbai, India. I have a passion for art & story telling . I am heavily influenced by various animated shows & aspire to get a full time job in the field of 2D animation real soon. I do have my own style of art but I am more influenced by anime & manga, not just for the compelling art but also the fantastic long drawn out story arcs.
I am also the creator of The Beast Legion ( , a webcomic project that I started in 2010. Apart from that I work on various freelance projects.
Where can we check out more of your art?
Well, I post a lot of the work I do in my free time as well as some commissioned work on my Deviantart page which is . I think it’s ‘The ‘ website to gain inspiration as well as get some great feedback from people who are actually a part of the arts & Animation Industry.
You can also find my Animation work at my Youtube account which is

Monstor and child
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What inspires you to create comics & Illustrations?
I’m a big time fantasy reader. I absolutely love reading those stories. So that’s one of the biggest motivations that drove me towards creating the comic.
I grew up watching shows like He-man & Thundercats from the 80’s & I’m sure as the story advances you’ll see hints pointing towards those shows at some point . As I grew up I deviated to watching Anime & was instantly captivated by the character designs & how well interrelated character stories merged into one. The biggest anime/manga influences I’ve come across are Naruto & Fullmetal Alchemist. I’m a big fan of Misashi Kishimoto’s ability to create such a long drawn story which only gets better as you go ahead .
As for Illustrations, I’ve been drawing since I was 6. I have done my diploma in Animation at Arena Multimedia but initially, I had no formal training in the field of art. In 2006 I started an account on Deviantart . I started posting my work there & from then on I have worked on several commissions , both private & corporate. One of my most important commissions , if all goes well, should be revealed in late 2012 but that’s all I can mention at this point.
Beast of Burdur
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What is the Beast Legion all about?
The Beast Legion is a fantasy adventure Black/White comic that takes place in a fantasy based world know as Lithopia. The story follows the a journey of Prince Xeus who is forced to flee his homeland after it falls into the clutches of an Evil Warlock named Dragos & his band of mutated Shadow Nexus Warriors. I know the plot may sound cliché but trust me, when you read the first three issues you’ll get an exact Idea of what to expect.
Furthermore, the story focuses on Xeus’s adventure to reclaim his homeland by first mastering the power of The Ancient Guardian Beasts of Lithopia & overcome extraordinary odds by making new friends & battling a horde of evil warriors who themselves possess similar powers.
The title, “The Beast Legion” refers to the fact that these characters can transform into anthropomorphic beast counterparts during battle.

Beast Legion – Poster
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How long did it take for you to conceptualize the comic?
I’ve been working on this concept for a little over three years. It started back in 2007 when I entered it as script for the Animax Pan-Asia competition. I’m not a professional writer by any means, but I do think I can get a story across. In any case, Things didn’t work out that time so I went back & started to look back & improve on the story, add more believable characters & make it more interesting for the reader.
One day I got this crazy idea of pitching the concept to a cartoon studio but after thorough research I found that you need content to pitch the script. So I went ahead & initially created character bios for some of the prominent characters. Later in 2008 I came across several great webcomics, which I read till this very day. That’s when I decided to transform the story from script to paper. It took a while to get used to the style I wanted but I finally started drawing the comic in 2009 & ended up publishing it in June, 2010.

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Is the manga free to read online? How many issues have been released so far?
Yes , it’s totally free to read it online. I have currently released five issues online. Issue 5 is still ongoing & Issue 6 should start in mid July & trust me, it’s going to be one of the ‘Best’ & most important issues of the saga.

Scot vs Sinestro!
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Why is the comic in Greyscale?
That one is easy. I work on this comic whenever I get the free time from my freelance work. I’m pretty serious about it making into mainstream media, but the reality is I do everything solo. Right from writing, penciling, inking, shading & lettering. Coloring would be a whole different beast (no pun intended !). Maybe someday if I get someone to volunteer for coloring I might think about it.

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How many issues do you plan on releasing?
I have always approached this manga as an Anime series & divided it into two seasons of 26 episodes each. So that’s around 52 episodes. The stories in the manga however further subdivide these episodes into two parts. So all in all, that would probably be around 100 issues or so. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to reach those many issues after I get a full time job, but I will continue to try my best working on it as long as I possibly can, ‘cause It’s a concept really dear to my heart.

Realm of Fantasy
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Are the comics available in print?
Yes. However, at present they are available at for readers outside India & for readers within the country. I do however someday plan to find a publisher who could market & distribute the comic both in India & Internationally. Only time will tell where that leads me. The plus point of the printed issues is that they come with a cover , each of which is done by some awesome artist & a special pin-up in certain issues.

Shadow Nexus
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What are the future plans both for yourself & The Comic?
Oh I’ve always believed in being humble yet dreaming BIG. My main career choice is 2D Animation & I hope to soon get a full time job & make my mark in the field of 2D Animation & Character design & Development.
As for ‘The Beast Legion’, I will be there at Comic Con Express, Mumbai on the 21st & 22nd of October, 2011 to promote the comic. I will be selling the first 4 issues (in print) there & hopefully find a publisher willing to help me distribute it.
The Last Elf
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