La Mangafique presents: "Anime Species 2"

1 Sep

Hellodarlings, remember me? I wouldn’t blame you for having forgotten,but even drama queens like me need a vacation now and then. Though I don’t knowif checking up on one’s minions really counts as a vacation. Haveyou all been well? Entertained by everything on offer during myabsence? Ready for fresh doses of my insanity?
Then let’sstart with part two of our feature on major anime categories. Whilethe earlier edition dealt with, for lack of a better word, tamergenres within the animeverse, this time we delve into the darker,edgier sides of anime!
Shoujo:Easily one of the more popularcategories, Shoujois a heavyweight in the animeverse and tends to dominate both mangaand anime alike. Heavily characterized by multiple bishounenheroes and villains (allof whom fall for the heroine); ugly ducklings turned into maidensfair (usually but not unhappily in distress); romantic settings;obstacles to the lead pair in the form of disapprovingparents/grandparents/uncles/aunts; and the couple’s best friends whojust about lay down their lives to help in the name of true love. Theterm Shoujoitself translates to ‘young woman/girl’ and denotes the 10 to 18year age-group this genre caters to. Popular examples include KaichouWa Maid Sama, Vampire Knight and SkipBeat. One of the latest to join thegenre, Uta no Prince-sama ~Maji Love1000% is still airing, and has all thegirls swooning. Did I mention rabid fan-girls are a special, freepart of the package? Be prepared to fight for your favourite guy.Sometimes I wonder what it would take to buy my way into one of theseseries.
With so many cute guys to choose from, ofcourse there’s going to be a 1000%love!

Shounen:The second heavyweight contender inanime/manga, Shounenencompasses the boys and their toys. Shounenrefers to boys ages 10 and over and into the grade school years.Anime/manga in this category is essentially enjoyed for it’s crazy,over the top adventures, typical superhero-like protagonists, andconstant battles and challenges that keep one’s adrenalin pumping.Popular hero breeds include ninjas (Naruto),pirates (One Piece)and magicians/wizards/alchemists (FullMetal Alchemist), accompanied by long,ongoing storylines. Another popular example, Bleachhas been selling like hotcakes since it’s inception in 2001, andcontinues to do so till this day with multiple movies and OVAs onlyfuelling the rabid fandom. Merchandise originates mostly from Shounenmanga and anime, with spin-offs providing fans with something to bragabout. This lady does not quite understand the craze, not being ateenage boy herself, but will admit to taking some pleasure in someof the less graphic ones.

What do those faces tell you?This is srs bsns!

Josei:Coming onto the more serious genres,Josei -Japanese for ‘woman’ – is essentially anevolution of the Shoujogenre. Like growing up and dealing with the lesser pleasantries life,Joseidoesn’t cloak the ups and downs of reality, bringing togetherelements enjoyed by mature women into overall realistic storylines.Not as big as Shoujo,but big enough to make an impact, this genre is mostly sought out bythose who seek enough emotional baggage to fill an airport. Tears anddrama aren’t held back, and if you see a glimpse of your lifewithin the manga you read – well then, that’s the mangaka’sintention. Ai Yazawais a known name in this field with two famous titles, ParadiseKiss and Nana, under her belt. Anotherclassic is Honey and Clover, its characters dealing with thevarious issues like friendship, love and life as they mature throughtheir college years.
Fashion, the lowlife, friends, the works.

Seinen:The male counterpart of Josei,Seinen isalso about grown up life – with extra large doses of sex, violence,maiming, rape – you name it. Meant for adult males, anime and mangain this category aren’t for those with tender stomachs or fragileminds. Innocent and likable characters suddenly morphing intopsychopaths and gore galore are pretty much the order of the dayhere. Psychological issues are also deftly dealt with – ever constant,ever biting and may leave you reeling more often than not. You havebeen warned. Popular examples include Monster,Basilisk: Kouga Ninpo Chou, and DeathNote.

Caution! Thatgood looking dude is a psychopath.

Hentai:I’m sure a number of you just scrolled right down to the bottom forthis. Hentaicovers, to put it briefly, everything perverted. And I meaneverything perverted.Sub genres includes Ecchi, Yaoi, Yuriand tons more. This genre covers anime and manga ranging from brieffan-service (cleavage flashing, and so on and so forth) to full onhardcore sex. It rakes in the most moolah for obvious reasons. Guysmay deny it but they watch it, and therefore hentai is the animeequivalent of Playboy (I kid – it can be so much worse!). If you wereexpecting examples, you have another thing coming.

.Ikid. Golden Boyis one such example – and the lady’s not telling you why.
Did my pearls of wisdomenlighten your journey into the world of anime? In other words, areyou there yet? Do comment with what you thought, and what you’dlike to see!
See you next week,with more anime/manga madness!
The Resident Drama Queen
Calyptra Oujo Sama

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  1. Cosplay Madara September 1, 2011 at 8:34 am #

    Not sure why but reading this made me laugh so hard, great job, put a smile all over my face.

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    Damn good one… awesome :Dcant wait to

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