A Quick look at "Level-E" The Anime Series

2 Sep

Level-E, the series delivers a highly entertaining mix of comedy and storytelling with an original, creative story and a lot of witty, loveable characters a perfect package.
The series is adapted from the original manga series released back in 1995 by Yoshihiro Togashi – the same Mangaka who also wrote Hunter × Hunter and YuYu Hakusho.  It can best be described as a Sci-fi-Alien-Comedy split into several small story arcs spanning a total of 13 episodes. The concept behind the show has some similarities with the Men In Black movies/series in which several species of extra-terrestrial (E.T) aliens live amongst us and we are not aware of their presence.

Every story arc has its own unique story and they are all very different from each other. However in each one the story always revolves around the main character that everyone calls “Baka Ouji” (Idiot Prince) – a blond haired extraterrestrial being from planet Dogura whose ship crash lands on earth.  The best way to describe Baka Ouji’s character is an intelligently-lazy arrogant person who enjoys playing gags on people around him; the other supporting characters are as good and have an amazing chemistry between them, especially the prince’s bodyguard named Captain Kraft whose job is to keep track of the Idiot Prince.

What really surprised me about Level-E is that fact that it delivers a really engaging story in spite of all the humor thrown into it with several plot twists throughout the various arcs. The 3rd episode was one of the best Anime moments I have encountered!! – an ending with a major twist that really changes the whole setting of what this show is all about! (If you find the beginning of the show slightly slow…. Wait till you finish the first arc!)

The presentation of the show is top notch as the animation is by Studio Pierrot – the same studio responsible for Bleach, Naruto and other popular Anime series.  The character design and art style are well executed with really good voice-acting, backed up by great music and a very catchy title-song that really goes well with the theme of the show.

If you are in the mood for a fun, short and witty series with a great ending and many surprises, Level – E is right down you’re alley!

2 Responses to “A Quick look at "Level-E" The Anime Series”

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