C.C.E.MUMBAI Cometh!!!

14 Sep


It was some seven months ago I found myself roaming through New Delhi’s “Dilli Haat”, dressed as a cheap homemade version of Batman with a paunch, along with my little brother who was a much more convincing Wolverine. Some people were even staring at us as if we were recently let loose from an asylum and were being allowed to mingle with the general public!

Most of the stares openly showed their displeasure at this freedom being given to delinquents like us, but did we care? At that point in time we wouldn’t have cared if the public had started stoning us or even if the cops locked us up.
We were on our way to The Indian Comic-Con!!!
India’s FIRST ever Comic Convention!!!
This was something I had dreamt about for several years but had expected it to turn into reality in at least my lifetime! But hey, what do we know? Dreams have a almost nasty habit of being realized overnight, when you least expect it!

Something magical had happened a few months ago. Facebook had informed us that there was a plan for a potential Comic-Con in Delhi. The word was enough to get me interested and I started following it up. Joined the page, asked the questions, responded to each post, argued, gossiped and spread the word, forced people to join, made them aware and pretty much everything I could think of doing – short of walking on the roads with a biggammajammi banner over my head! And I’d have done that too, but just didn’t think about making/finding a banner soon enough.

Anyway, I digress. So we were at Dilli Haat, in full costume, walking towards our dream coming true – and what a fine realization of a dream it turned out to be!! There were already people in costumes moving about, talking to each other, getting their pictures clicked and all-in-all having tons of fun!

We jumped right in, registered and Wolverine got instantly popular. We had worked really hard on his costume (Eh, actually the “We” was more of a “They”, rather than “Me”, to be honest) and it paid off. He was easily the most sought after cosplayer! We had oodles and oodles of fun the entire day! Got to meet so many people, several of whom have become very close and dear friends today! The second day it rained like hell but we didn’t care! We still came out, got wet, got pics clicked and had a complete blast for two whole days! DEFINITELY two of the most memorable days of our lives!!!

Team “Ravanayan” autograph session!

Interestingly I got a chance to be a Comic Addict only because of Comic Con! I met Mayank, he used to write under the title “The Adventures of M” at that time. He read a few of my reviews, noted my enthusiasm on FB about all things comics and asked me if I would be interested in joining his blog? I was busy with several other things at that time – music, work and what not – so I apologized and clarified that I might not be able to give him the amount of time he would expect from a contributing member of the group, but offered to do some guest reviews from time to time.

After I wrote my first article for him, I realized how much fun it was and that I could probably take out some time out of my schedule for it periodically. Slowly but gradually other members were joining the gang and we migrated from a small one-man blog to a group where we had writers with varied interest and everyone was completely addicted to comic books! And Hey-Presto: The name was changed unanimously to Comic Addicts!

So although I was addicted to comic, I wasn’t technically a Comic Addict. But thanks to Comic Con, I was able to take that step and get involved, rather than just standing on the sidelines and observing!
Even apart from Comic Addicts, I met SO many people who have ended up being great friends now. I met artists whose work I had seen and appreciated even more. I met people whom I had known online, but hadn’t seen them even once! And trust me, it wasn’t just me. Pretty much EVERYONE made good friends, increased their social base, got a positive, confident confirmation that we are NOT the only Geeks and Nerds around! There are a whole lot of them!!! Some even Geekier and Nerdy, so much so that they are the cool ones in comparison!
And the nominees are…

All this is courtesy Comic Con India. It wasn’t just an event or a convention. It was a movement, a chain, a reactive sequence of events, a veritable phenomenon that completely changed all our lives forever. For the better (I hope!!)

It might sound cheesy, but just think about it! If you were at the Con, just make a mental list of fellow fans and creators who you were in regular contact with prior to the Comic Con, and then compare it with who you now know AFTER attending the Con! Simply do it. You don’t need to answer or justify anything to me. I already know the answer!
For an event that was totally awesome and fun – especially for Fan boys like us – two days of festivities seemed just not sufficient! In fact, it almost felt worse than not having a Con at all!!!

Before all of this I had imagined such a thing but hadn’t really experienced it. Once CCI 2010 happened, I realized how much was I missing in life!!! It was akin to a tiger tasting human blood for the first! I have tasted of the charged energy that is the life-blood of the comics industry and two days are simply not sufficient! I want more. WE want more, don’t we?

All those goodies… *drool*

Well… Your wait it about to be over! After the huge success that was Comic Con India 2011 and after getting overwhelming response for another Con next year, it was decided to host another fest. But this time in the event would not wait a year, no – it would travel to distant Mumbai, months before the 2nd Annual CCI in Delhi next year! 
The venerable organisers of the grand event in their infinite wisdom realised that twelve months was far too long and created: Comic Con Express! A traveling convention that would give us something to satisfy our cravings between the yearly gathering from across the lands!
Comic Con Express – Mumbai, 22nd and 23rd October, World Trade Center, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai.
Huh. What on earth are you still doing here!?!
Did you miss that last line?
It’s just a little more than 41 days from D-Day!!! Why aren’t you making preparations to reach Mumbai by the 22nd of October?
Great Snakes! You’re STILL here?!
The countdown has started my dearest fellow addicts, the clock is ticking!
So I’ll see you my friends, at the next Con… Be There
41 Days Remaining!

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