REVIEW: Come meet the Beast Legion!!

29 Sep

I’m very much like your average fantasy loving fan.
No, scratch that.
I’m an ultra-rabid specimen of a sub-set of the same species. The kind that hoards multiple copies of a particularly good book and tries to bite anyone who wants to borrow one. Try and understand where I’m coming from, I take my fantasy seriously. Anyone getting in the way of that goes down.
Now that I’ve made that point clear, I’ll come to the object of my study today:
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Looking for a dose of traditional action-fantasy right here on Indian shores?  Then look no further! The Beast Legion by Jazyl H. is our very own, home-grown fantasy comic! Complete with a prince at the crux of a prophecy, his faithful sidekicks/team, a dastardly villain named ‘Dragos’ who transforms into a… any guesses? (You got it, a dragon)… and his cronies who threaten to take over the world with…er…well, darkness. 


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Okay, so maybe the storyline isn’t all that original. I could go out on a limb and say this is like some sort of hybrid between Power Rangers (except that there are no cyborgs or bots or morphing battle-robots – all evolving is done by the characters themselves!), Thundercats, and a dozen of the other, old-school stories that characterised the fantasy genre at it’s peak in the last century.

Characters and settings are a bit cliché, right down to the prophecy in all it’s “Only one person can save the world!” glory. While this makes the story seem predictable, for those looking for less complex and simply entertaining adventure, this will be soothing. Surprisingly however, the humour peppered throughout (which is at times subtle and over the top at others), provides a solid breath of fresh air in what would otherwise have been dangerously close to another run-of-the-mill tale.
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The anthropomorphic forms of each character are a delight to the eye, and had me personally going over the details with my eyeball glued to the screen. Obviously much thought, passion and imagination have gone into the designing of the same and they only enhance the potential of each character. The artwork is a little on the shoddy side initially, but the improvement is visible with each passing page. By the 4th issue, one has settled down to art that is on it’s own reasonable, but relatively still has some distance yet to go.
For a work such as this, where the team consists of only one person producing content regularly, one has to give due credit to the author. There is promise that will hopefully manifest in the latter issues of this manga.
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For those interested in grabbing a copy of the same, issues 1 to 4 will be available in hard copy format at the Comic Con in Mumbai, this October.
In the meanwhile, you can check out more of The Beast Legion on their Facebook page: 
Don’t miss it!

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