5 QUESTIONS with New Zealand Illustrator, Michel Mulipola

4 Oct

5 QUESTIONS is were I asked 5 questions of New Zealand Comic Book Creators, Writers and Artists.
This week I got a hold of Samoan Artists, Michel Mulipola and asked him the 5’s. I met Michel through the local comic shop where he works in Auckland. Aside from being professional illustrator, Michel also wrestles in the local Impact Pro-Wrestling NZ. His character Kid-Liger’s mask’s adorn t-shirts. His illustration work is viewable on Kid-Liger

The Gutters #197
Comic Addicts. Who Michel Mulipola as a Comic Creators?

Nobody. Just some guy who likes to draw too much and hope to make a living from it… someday.

CA. What got you interested in comic books?

Michel. The usual story, I just happened to stumble upon some of my uncle’s collection of comic books as a little kid. He had some 2000ADs, Rom the Space Knight and other Marvel stuff. I just fell in love with the great collaboration of words and pictures that make comic books what they are.

CA. All comic fans or creators have artists or writers they look up to, who would you consider as your faves or inspirations and how, if any, way have they influenced your work? 

Michel. Jim Lee is my favourite artist but I’ll also add Joe Kubert on there as well because the legend can do no wrong with his art. I also find inspiration from artists (like) Dave Johnson, Sean Murphy and Francis Manapul.

CA. You have been involved for a while with the local comic industry, what do you think of the calibre of creators we have in New Zealand?
Lucha a Koko #2 pg 5

Michel. I haven’t drawn a major comic story in a little while, something I’m planning to change in the near future with a coupla stories in the works. New Zealand’s comic industry is fairly minuscule so everyone knows everyone. Most people are drawing comics just because they can and because they’re fun. There are a handful of Kiwi creators who dream of making it into the international comic industry. I look up to fellow Kiwi creators who have done work for the major comic companies like Roger Langridge, Colin Wilson, Dylan Horrocks and more recently, Ben Stenbeck.

CA. Where do you see yourself in the future as Comic Creator?

Michel. I hope to see myself drawing comics for a major company or even just being able to make a living out of doing something I love. I got a little glimmer of hope that my dream could be a reality when I earned a one on one portfolio review with a DC Comics editor at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Aru (Aruneshwar Singh, is a writer and graphic novelist who has several unpublished works currently being worked on as well as working with other Illustrators and Artists he also illustrates his own comics. His webcomic Zero can be viewed here. Aru has a BA in Digital Media- Digital Filmmaking and is the CEO and Owner of New Zealand’s only Online Comic Store, Comic TradeFacebook

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