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A Big Halloween Treat: An Interview with How It Should Have Ended

30 Oct
Since most everyone who reads Comic Addicts is too old to go trick or treating we decided to give a big ol’ treat anyway. We were able to have a chat with the folks at How It Should Have Ended (HISHE). They were really cool folks who were happy to chat with us.
For those unfamiliar with HISHE it’s a couple of guys, and a gal, who decided that movies didn’t always end the way they felt they should have. So they started doing their own parody endings much to the amusement of many people. We here at Comic Addicts were curious about some of the things over at HISHE and here is what they had to say:

How do you make your movies?

Each cartoon takes at least 3 weeks. We usually spend one week on script writing and primary art (characters we know we are going to use despite the script). Then one week on all the rest of the art and depending on the scope, we would start animating this week as well. It is also during the second week that we do our voice recording, which has to happen before animating so that we have a timeline. Week 3 is final animation, sound editing, and music score. Plus all the graphics. A lot of times this 3 week schedule requires late nights and weekends, so it’s a lot of work.

Is there a storyboard involved?

Yes, we storyboard after we have finalized a script so that we know exactly what art we need to make.

What program (s) do you use?

Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut

How much planning goes into a movie?

Definitely depends on the movie. There are some cartoons where we know months in advance that we are going to tackle it, so the conversations on scripts start early. Others (like recent theater releases– Avatar, Thor, etc.) we only have a short period of time so there are a lot of late nights.

Are there any audio outtakes from you guys goofing around?

Ha-ha. Sure, there are definitely some funny voice recordings as you might imagine.

Any plans to post the outtakes?

Now that we’ve committed to releasing a new video every Thursday on Youtube, you will definitely be seeing some more behind the scenes stuff. We will probably compile some outtakes. It’s tough since we are not necessarily accustomed to being on camera. J

Now that you’re a web sensation is there more pressure than before when you were doing it just for fun?

Um, YES.

Is it difficult sometimes to be funny?

Yes. The nature of what we do makes it tough sometimes because finding a logical flaw in a film is not always hilarious too. We go through a LOT of re-writes and ultimately we do our best. Different cartoons will lean one way or another sometimes as a result (between logic and silliness).

Are there arguments over how the movie should be?

LOL. What an insightful question. Yes, we definitely disagree sometimes, but ultimately some of our best writing comes from wrestling through different opinions.

Do you sit on pins and needles after a movie gets put up to see how people will react to it?

It’s like you’ve spied on us!! Absolutely. We’re our worst critics. Comments are sometimes really harsh and it’s difficult not to be affected by them. Seeing how a new release does is a big deal around here.

We notice there are a lot of comic book parodies on there, granted there are a lot of comic book movies, but honestly, how big of comic geeks are you?

Truthfully we’re a little late to the party when it comes to comics and ultimately we’re spoofing the movies not the books. But we started going to the San Diego Comic Con 4 years ago and each year we pick up a little more. We’re definitely not experts, but we’re becoming fans for sure.

Has there ever been an issue with copyright over the movies?

No, we definitely fall into parody law. All our art and music is original and meant to be a spoof or a parody.

Has any of the movie studios gotten on your back for what you do?

Not at all. We’ve even received some fun feedback. We have a few friends at Pixar and found out our Toy Story HISHE circulated the building there and the director for Toy Story 3 even tweeted about it!

How big is your fan base?

It’s hard to be exact. As of today (Oct. 11, 11) we have 480,000 subscribers on youtube.

Were you ever inspired by Mystery Science Theater 3000?

Of course! I would say lots of forms of skit and parody comedy have influenced us. Daniel watched Mystery Science Theater 3000 in college and he and his friends definitely laughed at the way they heckled films. I’d say our style is very much influenced by that form of comedy.

What has been the craziest moment or thing to happen at HISHE?

Winning the Streamy Award in 2010 was pretty crazy for us. We were shocked and honored to be among the other nominees.

Any plans for the future for HISHE? Hints maybe?

Hmmm… a hint. Well, we’ll definitely finish off the original Star Wars trilogy. And I imagine we’ll also tackle at least one of the major comic book films coming out next summer.

Thanks a lot for the chat! It’s been fun talking with you folks and keep up the good work!

Visit How It Should Have Ended’s website and suscribe to them on YouTube for the latest videos as well as favorites.

This One’s for the Girls!

17 Oct

This is for all of the geek ladies out there. Halloween is a great time because you can always look forward to dressing up as your favorite super-heroine and going out to parties or what not, right? The big question is this: why do costume companies feel the need to slut up the costumes?

We’re geeks, we know that if the gals in the comics were real they would be anatomically lacking proportion and the outfits they’re wearing are completely impractical. Still we accept it as we read comics because it’s fun. There’s something empowering about a woman in a tight leather or spandex outfit and heels beating on some thug at least twice her size. Still the question remains, why make those costumes any skimpier than they already are?
The other part of that is they make slutty versions of the guy superhero costumes too. No one is going to believe that just because you’re wearing a shiny red mini skirt and yellow glasses that you’re Iron Man.
The girl versions of the guy costumes are awful only in that you’re going to spend the entire time explaining who you are because while the colors are the same as the male counterparts, that’s pretty much it.
Don’t get us wrong, we’re not prudes by any sense, just kind of comic purists. Why degrade something that is seen as an icon? We know Wonder Woman’s classic outfit is skimpy we get that and we’re okay with it. However, the costume companies managed to make it even skimpier.
Granted that pretty much all super-heroines look like they could be Victoria’s Secret models, but that doesn’t mean it should look like that’s where they got their costumes from.
We know that super-heroines are sexy. They have to be really. They’re the femme fatale; the sexy dangerous woman who you pray is on your side. They’re mysterious and beautiful and their costumes show off what a strong woman they are. Those are just basic components to a super-heroine. It’s also that much more humiliating for the villain when they get their butt kicked by a good looking woman.
The costumes that are being put out on the shelf in stores don’t seem to represent any of that. Also if you live in Northeast part of the US where it gets cold in October those costumes don’t help. Perhaps it best to take a page out of a cosplayers book and simply make your own costume.

What do you think about these costumes? We want to here from you geekettes and geeks. What’s your vote?

Halloween Film/TV Recommendations for Comic Geeks

10 Oct
In keeping with the wonderful advice we give you, our readers and fellow geeks, along with staying within the Halloween spirit today we’re going to help you with a dilemma you may be facing. You may be asking yourself, “How do I fulfill the need for something creepy to watch AND get my comic book fix at the same time?” Well here is a list of films and TV shows that will hopefully help to fix that problem.

Swamp Thing

Either the films or the TV series will work. It has mutants, action, and suspense. Not to mention that it stars a comic book hero who can manipulate the elements, and oh yeah, bring people back from the dead. How cool is that?!

The Incredible Hulk

For this one we recommend the series rather than the movies. Why? The series had a much more Frankenstein’s monster feel to it. Of course there is also the comic hero thrashing on the bad guys too.


The live action films and the animated ones are great for that comic book creature feature need. There are monsters galore, evil spirits, and a demon trying to keep the peace. Besides, what’s not to love about a wise cracking demon doing a blue collar job?


One man who has the impossible, as well as never ending, job of keeping the balance between heaven and hell. There are demons, secret wars, incantations, and rites all done in the name of keeping the balance between good and evil. It also has John Constantine, from the Hellblazer comics, who is thrashing on the bad guys who cross the line.


The animated TV series by Disney has it all. There are monsters, robots, sorcery, and heroes who only come out at night. They also had their own comic series for a while. It’s also worth mentioning that many of the voices were done by several members of the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Doctor Strange

The animated movie put out by Marvel is filled with supernatural suspense. The origin of Stephen Strange blended together with the come-back attempts of Mordo. There is sorcery, both good and evil, as well as dark creatures of magic.


Vampires that don’t sparkle. Is there really any more that needs to be said? How about hybred vampire looking to take down all of the selfish human preying vampires? Yeah, we thought that would get your attention. Epic vampire battles to the death. It doesn’t get much better.

Ghost Rider

A stunt rider who sells his soul to the Devil and then becomes a bounty hunter for hell. Also tossed in for fun are elemental demons trying collect a mass of evil souls for their power. There’s also the cool skull on fire thing the aptly named Johnny Blaze has going on. Sounds like good ol’ supernatural fun with a twist of butt whoopin’ going on.

The Batman vs Dracula

An animated meeting of Batman and Dracula that is phenomenal! This movies shows just how much Batman and Dracula have in common. Dracual is awakened by Penguin and starts to promptly feed on the residents of Gotham. Also, for a really spine tingling twist, see Joker as a vampire.
If there’s any others that you can think of or that we left out, please let us know. Also tell us who/what your favorite supernatural comic book character is.

A Salute to Dick Durock

25 Sep

There are some who contribute to comics and geek culture who don’t get their due. Today we here at Comic Addicts are paying tribute to a man who brought a beloved comic character to life not only on the big screen, but on the little screen as well. Today we salute you Dick Durock.
Dick Durock is an actor who’s face you rarely saw. It was hardly seen because he was either in a bit part or it was covered in movie make-up. Dick Durock was mostly a stunt man starting out as far back as the original Star Trek series. He’s played thugs and flunkies on shows such as The Six Million Dollar Man, Battlestar Galactica (original series), Knight Rider, Lost in Space and many others.
Durock’s biggest claim to fame; however, was playing Swamp Thing. He played the character in both movies and on the TV series. Durock really brought the character to life with his portrayal. He used the elements of the tortured soul, intelligence, defender of the innocent, and environmental vigilante to the transformed scientist. Holland’s battles with Arcane were epice because the two men truely were two sides of the coin. One wanted power and eternal life while the other wanted to protect and show respect for all life.
Durock was the one who consulted Wes Craven on the first Swamp Thing movie after he was cast. He told Craven what would and wouldn’t work for the suit as well as the character itself. Imagine how much different things would have been if Craven had done what he wanted to do originally. Initially Craven wanted to have Durock in the suit for the fight scenes and far away shots, but have Ray Wise, who played Holland as a human, in the make-up for the close-up shots. Durock explained that make-up fit everyone differenly and the difference would be noticable. Craven tried it just to see how it would look, but Durock was right. People would be easily able to tell two men were playing the part. Craven then went with Durock playing Swamp Thing throughout the film.
Aside from Swamp Thing Durock also brought another character in the comic/TV universe to life. He played Frye’s Creature on The Incredible Hulk in a two part episode titled “The First”. Yes, he went toe to toe with Lou Ferrigno. It was a very iconic episode since it was a shock to learn tha someone had the same “condition” and David Banner. A very good episode if you get the chance to watch. Here’s the synopsis:
Frye was much different than Banner. Frye liked turning into the creature and he enjoyed hurting people. He had even killed a couple of people one within the past year. Banner had stumbled across Frye looking for the notes of the scientist he had worked with, Dr. Clive. Clive had been trying to help Frye 30 years ago with some medical ailments by harnessing the power of the sun. The gama from the solar flares made him able to transform. Realizing his mistake Clive found a way to cure it. This didn’t make Frye happy so when Banner comes along Frye tricks him into explaining what Clive had done to him and he recreates it. Naturally Banner came because of the cure which he doesn’t end up getting.
Unfortunately this past September 17 marks the 2 year anniversary of his death. Dick Durock lost his battle with pancreatic cancer at 72. Still we say “Thank You” for all that he has contributed not only to geek culture, but to pop culture as well. Here’s to a man who looked mighty fine in green.
For more information about Dick Durock visit his page on IMDB:
Dick Durock
January 18, 1937 – September 17, 2009

Christian Hall’s Vasion

19 Sep

The new DC 52 has been getting a lot of attention lately. While this is all the buzz, we here at Comic Addicts would like to remind you comic fans that there are still some great independent titles out there. So as a break from the hype and the big brand name comics we’re going to take a look at an independent title. Today we’re featuring Vasion by Christian Hall.

Vasion is an interesting comic concept about an ancient advanced race known as The Enforce. They have been working in the background like a secret society. They look just like regular people, but their genetic make-up is different. They protect their own, while also protecting the rest of us.

The particular issue that we’re reviewing is called “All Out War!” part 1 of 3. In this a creature surfaces called Devour. It is a beast that hasn’t surfaced in centuries, and is also unstoppable. Imagine for a moment if Grendal, the Wolfman, and the Hulk had a lovechild. This thing looks like a giant black wolf, but is completely indestructible as well as having all of the ancient lore to add that level of mystery and fear.

“All Out War!” is about The Enforce trying to defeat this enemy for their people. Wondering also, what has it been doing? Devour has been eating them like someone munching on candy at the movies. These guys throw everything at it too. They shower rockets, automatic gunfire, missiles, and this beast just keeps coming. If you enjoy wall to wall action this is a comic for you.

The writing is very good, but in some parts there is description where there doesn’t need to be and some of the narration boxes tread on the toes of the artwork. Other than that the dialogue is fantastic, the characters well formed, and the story moves along at a good clip.

The artwork fits the action and is very well done. The explosions and the fury of the beast come across with every bit of the excitement of a solid action movie. The hurt that the beast lays on these guys is epic and the artwork shows that both beautifully and gruesomely.

So if the new DC 52 is wearing you down, take a break and check out an independent title. Christian Hall’s Vasion is a good place to start.

ComiCONN in Stamford Connecticut

5 Sep
The recent ComiCONN in Stamford, Connecticut goes to show that you can’t keep geeks down. Despite an impending hurricane, the show still went on and the geeks came out to enjoy it. The only thing that the bad weather did scare off was the 1960’s Batmobile. Still, it’s a legend, it has a right to pull the diva card every now and then.

The show however was a success. There were many vendors and a handful of wonderful guests. On hand were artists Michael Golden, Matt Busch, Mark McKenna and many more. Bill Diamond who has worked with Jim Henson on projects such as ‘The Dark Crystal’ and ‘Labyrinth’ was also on deck. Another neat sight to see were the life size statues of Bela Lugosi as Dracula and Boris Karloff as Frankenstein brought by the Witch’s Dungeon, a classic film museum in Connecticut. There was also Michael J. Citak who plays three different zombies in the movie ‘Remains’.

There was a definite Star Wars theme as well. Of course when Luke’s Landspeeder is there, R2-D2 is making the rounds and Anthony Forrest is having a meet and greet what else could anyone expect? If you wanted to fight back the Empire there was even the local chapter of the Rebel Alliance looking for new members. For those of you unfamiliar with the name, you do know which part Anthony Forrest played in the Star Wars saga. In the original trilogy Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Anthony Forrest was the Storm Trooper that stopped Luke and Obi Wan at Mos Eisley. Remember the scene?
“These are not the droids you are looking for.”

“These aren’t the droids we’re looking for.”
Sure you may laughing right about now. You may even be thinking, “Now there’s a claim to fame to have. ‘I was the Storm Trooper that Obi Wan played Jedi mind tricks on.’ Seriously?!” 
Yet, every single person knows that scene. So it’s actually not a bad claim to fame to have. To have been a key part in one of the most memorable scenes in the entire Star Wars saga isn’t exactly a bad thing.

Still, what is a comic show if you can’t get your hands on some good quality comic gear and toys? Well there was plenty of that to be had too. Several tables had action figures and comics galore. Looking for a Meglo Indiana Jones figure? Yep, got that right over here. Need a back issue of Alpha Flight? Right this way please. There was anything and everything to make every any geek heart go pitter patter with delight.

Of course what is a comic show without people in costumes? There were also plenty of geeks on hand showing geek pride dressed at their favorite characters. Walking about the show could be seen Deadpool, Batgirl, Storm Troopers, several Jedi Knights, Black Cat, and one very convincing looking Professor Snape among others.

For more information on ComiCONN and the guests and vendors that were there visit their website at:
To see more pictures from the show visit our website:

A Look at Heroes and Villians Yet to Come; Your Thoughts?

8 Aug

There have been a lot of images coming out on the net lately to tease us geeks about upcoming film projects. We at Comic Addicts have gathered up the latest to share with you. So here they are – Heroes and Villains coming soon to the big screen.

And while you view and contemplate, what are your thoughts to these probing questions:

Does Andrew Garfield seem as though he’ll make a good Spider-Man?

Do you prefer this costume to Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man costume?

Are you looking forward to seeing the old fashioned web-shooters or did you prefer the organic web-shooters Raimi came up with?

What do you think about the look of the new Bane?

How do you think Nolan is going to tweak his origin?

What is up with that thing on his face?

Did he perhaps consult Hannibal Lecter for fashion tips?

What do you think of this costume (so far) as opposed to the one in the comics?

How do you think Tom Hardy is going to do as the famed villain who brought down Batman?

How is the venom drug going to work? You can’t see tubes going into his head here. Will they use Venom at all?

Is this costume going to work for an iconic character like Catwoman?

Do you feel Anne Hathaway going to make a good Catwoman?

Sure she’s pretty, but will she have the sultry-ness and moves to bring out the feisty edge that is signature for the character?

Overall, how excited are you to see the Dark Knight Rises?

And last but not least:

What do you think of this take on the Superman costume?

Do you think Henry Cavill looks the part of the Man of Steel?

How do you think he’ll do as Superman and Clark Kent?

Tell us what you think about these pictures as well as adding your thoughts to one or two of the questions we’ve posed to you about each one. After all, we comic geeks are in this together!

Bat Week Roundup!

8 May

The Bat Week just ended and we aren’t ready to leave batty. We bat-ified both the FB Page and the blog for it. Now it’s time for a quick overview of what we did the whole week. Below is the blog archive for the week.

May 1, Sunday: Batman vs. Superman: The Battle for Ideals by Amanda White
May 2, Monday: From Bruce Wayne to Batman! by Vinay Pawaskar
May 3, Tuesday: Nish’s Notepad: Batman #500 by Nishkarsh Chugh
May 4, Wednesay: A Bat for Ages by Akshay Dhar
May 5, Thursday: M views: Why do we read Superhero comic books by Mayank Khurana
May 6, Friday: Stewart (and Lee)’s Slate: Batman and Robin Vol.1-2, Batman/ Punisher and Batman/ Judge Dredd Books by Stewart Loud and Lee Roberts
May 7, Saturday: Aalok deciphers DC – The Demon’s Head by Aalok Joshi

Next big thing is the MAIN EVENT QUIZ. 3 questions, many answers, no winner. Yes, nobody was able to answer all the questions correctly.. Here are the questions:

Q. Under which title and issue, Batman gained a mature appearance, according to his creator Bob Kane?
A. Detective Comics #33
W. Shashank Avvaru

Q. Gotham : Robin: Jason Todd :=: England : ? : ?
A. Squire : Beryl Hutchinson
W. Lee Roberts

Q. Why is May 1-7 celebrated as Batman Week?
A. The anniversary of Bat’s first appearance.
W. Lee Roberts

Another thing is that some freelance artists also drew for the Bat-Week.. Here are the artworks.

by Avishek Sarkar

by Anshul Chaurasia

Leaving you with all the fun we had on FB with bat here.. and an exciting news here! (via Akshay Dhar)

Comics are for Kids: A Guide on how to respond

25 Mar

Let us introduce our newest addition to the team – Amanda White 🙂
Amanda White lives in Augusta, Maine. She has a BA in English from UMA. Amanda has been going to conventions and has been a comic enthusiast ever since she was a little girl. In this article she answers the question we all have faced “at least” once in our geeky life

Comic Books Are for Kids
-By Amanda White
It is a common dilemma among comic readers to hear this from time to time, “Comic books are for kids,” or “Comic books are trash literature,” It’s troubling to be enjoying something one minute and then criticized for your reading choice the next. The question is always, “How do I deal with the insults?” It is a tough question, and unless you have a degree in literature you’re not going to be able to give them an answer that will satisfy them. Then again who truly wants to battle wits when you’re enjoying yourself? What business is it of theirs what you choose to read?
Sit tight cause help is on the way. I’m going tell you how to stand up for yourself when these criticisms come flying your way. Not only that, but they will be comebacks and arguments that will give even the snootiest of critic time for pause.
First lets look at the reason comics get a bad rap. There are a lot of reasons given for why comics are “trashy”, but ultimately it boils down to one simple factor: the pictures. Pictures send an image to many people of a kids storybook. Let’s face it, unless it’s a great illustrated classic version of a work of major literature it pretty falls under the category of children’s story. Sad and narrow thinking yes, but it’s the way comics are perceived.
Alright then, if pictures are the issue lets start there. Artwork is the foundation of a comic book it’s true. If you don’t think it’s true think about a story where the story was great, but the artwork ruined it for you or vice versa. There are many factors accompanying the artwork. As is the case with any great painting hanging in the museum many questions are asked of the piece. Does the art enhance the story or subtract from it? Is it in color? Does the color add or take away from the story? Are the panels in a format that helps the story move along smoothly or does the layout hinder the action? All valid intelligent questions that on a subconscious level we all consider as we’re reading a comic.

Then there’s the comment of, “The stories are all the same just the names change,” WRONG! The stories are intricate plots that interweave and overlap with other characters and other series with that character. Many comic stories are very powerful such as the X-Men title ‘God Loves, Man Kills’.
The text within comic books can be looked at and analyzed like any other piece of literature. An English major could easily map out the plot as well as they could ’The Great Gatsby’ or any work of Shakespeare. There are plots, subplots, foreshadowing, moral issues, conflict, and many other standard story devices. It’s also easier to relate to the issues brought up by comics because they’re more relevant to our daily lives. Most of the “great works of literature” take place in a time when class was everything and women married to improve their family status. Not quite so much of an issue in modern day America.
The two major continuums in the comic industry have their own devices that make them unique in how they bring these issues to light. Aside from the characters that is. The Marvel Universe is known for using its characters and storylines that mirror current social situations. On the other hand the DC Universe focuses more on lineage with their heroes. Don’t believe that’s true? Look at it closer. X-Men, overcoming and dealing peacefully with being different in society. Batman, took on Robin to have someone to continue his fight when he’s gone.
The point is that comics are every bit as good of literature as the tired old titles that fall into the basic literary cannon. They’re just not given a fair chance. Perhaps someday, but obviously not now.
So here’s what you say the next time you get criticized for reading comics:

“Actually I find that this particular title has unique characters that I can identify with as well as having artwork that enhances the overall message. True it is the age old struggle of good vs. evil, but ultimately that’s what we’re surrounded with. This particular writer also chooses to focus on a specific moral and/or social dilemma that is a current concern. Overall the symphony that is art and text make for a very enjoyable reading experience,”
If nothing else you’ll get a couple of moments silence as they stand there stunned from getting that sort of answer from someone that assumed was of low intelligence. If they press you for more of an explanation just remember what we talked about. Ultimately though, when it comes to what makes you happy, you have nothing to prove or explain.