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ComiCONN in Stamford Connecticut

5 Sep
The recent ComiCONN in Stamford, Connecticut goes to show that you can’t keep geeks down. Despite an impending hurricane, the show still went on and the geeks came out to enjoy it. The only thing that the bad weather did scare off was the 1960’s Batmobile. Still, it’s a legend, it has a right to pull the diva card every now and then.

The show however was a success. There were many vendors and a handful of wonderful guests. On hand were artists Michael Golden, Matt Busch, Mark McKenna and many more. Bill Diamond who has worked with Jim Henson on projects such as ‘The Dark Crystal’ and ‘Labyrinth’ was also on deck. Another neat sight to see were the life size statues of Bela Lugosi as Dracula and Boris Karloff as Frankenstein brought by the Witch’s Dungeon, a classic film museum in Connecticut. There was also Michael J. Citak who plays three different zombies in the movie ‘Remains’.

There was a definite Star Wars theme as well. Of course when Luke’s Landspeeder is there, R2-D2 is making the rounds and Anthony Forrest is having a meet and greet what else could anyone expect? If you wanted to fight back the Empire there was even the local chapter of the Rebel Alliance looking for new members. For those of you unfamiliar with the name, you do know which part Anthony Forrest played in the Star Wars saga. In the original trilogy Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Anthony Forrest was the Storm Trooper that stopped Luke and Obi Wan at Mos Eisley. Remember the scene?
“These are not the droids you are looking for.”

“These aren’t the droids we’re looking for.”
Sure you may laughing right about now. You may even be thinking, “Now there’s a claim to fame to have. ‘I was the Storm Trooper that Obi Wan played Jedi mind tricks on.’ Seriously?!” 
Yet, every single person knows that scene. So it’s actually not a bad claim to fame to have. To have been a key part in one of the most memorable scenes in the entire Star Wars saga isn’t exactly a bad thing.

Still, what is a comic show if you can’t get your hands on some good quality comic gear and toys? Well there was plenty of that to be had too. Several tables had action figures and comics galore. Looking for a Meglo Indiana Jones figure? Yep, got that right over here. Need a back issue of Alpha Flight? Right this way please. There was anything and everything to make every any geek heart go pitter patter with delight.

Of course what is a comic show without people in costumes? There were also plenty of geeks on hand showing geek pride dressed at their favorite characters. Walking about the show could be seen Deadpool, Batgirl, Storm Troopers, several Jedi Knights, Black Cat, and one very convincing looking Professor Snape among others.

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30 May

Angry rant by Stewart Loud

I attended London’s May MCM Expo convention at the Excel center this weekend and, man, it was a fantastic three days! Most of you have probably seen the hundreds of pictures of the wide variety of incredible cosplayers and stalls at the event that I’ve posted on our facebook page, but that’s not what I’m writing about today. No, today I’m writing about how I had my wrist band taken away from me on the final day and got refused entry for the rest of the event. Like so many of the events in my life, the disappointment and sadness has quickly turned to bitter resentment and anger. I didn’t think it would help much at the time if I argued with the apes on security or the MCM official who explained in great detail how it was all my fault so I’ve decided to vent my frustration by writing about it and you lot can make of it what you will.

I bought a weekend pass online which gave me access to the event on the Friday as well as the Saturday and Sunday. The site was relatively quiet on Friday due to it only being open to weekend ticket holders so I quickly had my ticket scanned by the friendly MCM stewards and was given a paper wrist band as proof that I had paid so I could walk in and out of the venue. All day Friday and Saturday morning the wrist band checks were carried out pleasantly by MCM stewards and after a few times through they began recognizing me (probably due to my Punisher outfit) and just waved me through with comments like “it’s ok Punisher I’ve seen yours”

Half way through the Saturday though, someone thought it was a good idea to put a separate team of overweight, bored security guards on the entrance and suddenly the event wasn’t just organized, it was policed! The friendly polite checks were replaced with white shirted goons aggressively Bellowing “ARMS IN THE AIR! WRIST BANDS ON DISPLAY!” at all the mild mannered comic and anime fans as they neared the entrance. These ass holes even started doing wrist band checks outside and kicking cosplayers socializing with their friends off the site.

Anyway, half way through Sunday I was walking in with my wrist in the air when one of the security guards grabbed me by the arm. He’d spotted the tape on my band where, having cut it off carefully each night to shower, I’d taped it back on each morning. He called another guard over who took it from me and explained “we can’t let anyone through with a taped band” I’m assuming in case I’d just picked it up off the ground or something, but this seemed a bit unfair as the MCM stewards had managed to remember me all weekend. they weren’t interested when I tried to show them my ticket and directed me to where I had my ticket scanned in the first place. There I met one of the event organizers (I think. He seemed to have more authority than the other MCM people) who told me that when I was given the arm band I was told numerous times that it had to last me all weekend, I was fine to shower in it and not to cut it off.

I WAS NOT TOLD THIS. I like to think I’m a reasonably intelligent person so if I had been told this I wouldn’t have found myself in this situation.

When I arrived on the Friday the place was almost empty so It’s not like I had trouble hearing what the friendly MCM people said to me as I had my ticket scanned. The guy who gave me the arm band just said “here you go mate”. In fact when I returned on the Saturday I went and asked a member of staff if my arm band was still valid before I went in. But no, even when I presented my ticket and my drivers license to prove I was the ticket holder (after I’d sent a friend in to the venue for me to retrieve my bag and wallet from the cosplay stand) he refused to give me another band saying that my only option was to queue up for half an hour to buy another ticket which I couldn’t have done even if I wanted to because I’d spent all my money. The guy even said he’d just said the same thing to a twelve year old boy.

So what could I do? Well I could probably tell you a few things I wish I’d done but like I said I didn’t think it would have helped so I just sat outside and ate my lunch before I left. While out there I did have an interesting conversation with one of the stewards who having seen the guards collaring me earlier came up and told me how he thought it was bullshit as he’d been letting me through all weekend and that most of the MCM stewards hate the security guys as well because of what a negative atmosphere they create.
His words: “they know we wont cause any trouble so they make trouble.”
I also spoke to a number of other cosplayers who said they hadn’t been told what I was suposed to have been told about the wrist bands.

Don’t get me wrong before all this happened I had a fantastic time and all of the other MCM Expo staff were really nice people I just had to vent a bit on here because it seemed so unfair. But what do they care, they’ve already got my money right?

Please link this article to as many friends as you can! I wanna know if anyone else had a similar experience!