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Much Ado About Nothing..

11 Aug

A Change is coming… A change that will wake you and keep you up..A change that will be difficult to ignore much less forget….
Something is happening in the BAT world.. An event of such a huge importance and significance that it possesses the power to alter the bat Mythos significantly…

BATMAN IS BRINGING BACK THE YELLOW SYMBOL ON HIS COSTUME ( that he stopped wearing in 1998…and some changes to the cape and the belt)



What? did you do a double take? did you expected something else?
What did you say? It wasn’t worth a blog post?

Well, most of Comic news sites are covering this piece.. so I figured, I might as well jump on the bandwagon ..just to show how ridiculous this piece of news is..
This was tolerable when Wonder Woman changed costume recently. She at least made a drastic change!

Seriously, was it a slow news day that we had to publicise BATMAN altering his costume? and that too a costume he wore earlier.. You don’t see Paris Hilton wearing the same costume again do you? Bats is a billionare dude.. He would get new stylish digs!!..

Did I just compare BATMAN to Paris Hilton?

I need sleep..

M over and out.