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How to prevent Brain Damage: A Deadpool Perspective

31 Dec
Haven’t written or spoken about Deadpool in a long time.. was feeling brain damaged myself..
so this post to rectify that…
M out!

Deadpool: I never went against a tough Guy like you

3 Dec

I am back with Deadpool scene of the month!!
When Deadpool is written right , he can be a laugh riot. Here he is breaking the fourth wall yet again and putting down Spidey with aplomb! Enjoy

NadShots : The Ball Busting adventures of Deadpool

18 Nov

Yes that is the newly returned Steve Rogers (Formerly Captain America) Leg… And we already know Deadpool…

Of all the people who would do this to the Merc with a mouth, we never thought Cap would be the one landing the shot !!! I mean its Cap for crying out loud. the living embodiment of Truth , Justice and the American Way!.. We are suitably scandalised by the “Leg of Justice” as we would call it 😉

Though the expression on ‘pool’s face is priceless ….

Deadpool is Manly

1 Oct

When Cable Fooled Deadpool..

29 Aug