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Exclusive Preview: The Adventures Of The Kite Family

8 Jul

The Adventures Of The Kite Family” is a humorous semi-autobiographical comic book series created by Dan Brader and illustrated by Yi Lang Chen and Csaba Mester. The comic is the story of Donnie Kite, a debt-ridden, struggling comedian in his late twenties who moves back home with his constantly bickering parents. Much of the comedy comes from the fact that Donnie doesn’t want to be there but has no choice because he’s broke and his parents who are complete opposites. Dorothy Kite is a flighty, scatter brained writer with a drinking problem who is always buying clothes she doesn’t need and Jack Kite an uptight executive who needs to control everything and everyone and is stressing like mad about his impending retirement and what to do with his constantly unemployed son. The series is comprised of full length issues and short features. So far issue one is complete along with two short features.

The Adventures Of The Kite Family” has appeared in “Dunedin Comic Collective” and the arts zine “Pink Noise“.

The Kite Family

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Here are the first 4 preview pages for you to sample:

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