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I am Kalki – The Silver Book – a review

21 Jun

After I got the book in my hands, I decided to first re-read the Golden book to refresh my memory in case there was any continuity involved, but since the Golden book was only a Preview Title, there was little or nothing in the way of a story line. This is particularly helpful for people who don’t have the first book. You can simply pick up the Silver Book and start from here. It all starts here!
The overall art work of the book is excellent and the print and paper quality meets the standard Vimanika has set for them in the industry today. I was a little surprised to find no artist name for the book, I am sure many people would be interested in knowing the artists behind the amazing artwork.

“I am Kalki – The Silver Book” Cover
Cick to view high quality image

Anyway, I digress. Let us come back to the matter at hand.  I am Kalki – The Silver Book starts with a small synopsis and jumps right into the story. The tale begins with 5 elemental Gods – Varuna, Vayu, Agni, Bhoomi and Indra – gathering on Earth and blessing a Yagya which is being held for some very special purpose, being conducted by the 8 Maharishis from our Indian mythology, spearheaded by Vishwamitra. The introduction of the Gods is very impressive in terms of Art and Effects and also includes a stunning 2 page spread of the 5 Gods jointly blessing the ongoing Yagya.

Indra and Agni
Click on each image to view them in high quality
 The 5 elemental Gods blessing the grand Yagna!
Click on the image to view it in all it’s high quality glory!!!

Post a small discussion between the 8 Great Sages, the story shifts to modern contemporary India, where a businessman has brought his 3 kids and his 8 month pregnant wife in a farmhouse / orchard in Eastern UP. Incidents lead to a spectacular event which will probably change the world as we know today. Nope, I ain’t telling you what happened. You have to buy the book to find that out. It can easily be ordered from Flipkart or Dial-a-book or just ask your friendly neighborhood comic store to get it for you. Oh, I almost forgot, we also witness the rise of a mysterious demon king from the depths of hell, a corner where even the most vicious demons fear to tread! Its turning out to be damn exciting folks, so pick this one up!!!
The rise of the mysterious demon
Click to view the high quality image

All in all, a pretty neat package. my only real complaint is that I would have expected a little more story in the book but the start is exciting and the story is varied and keeps you hooked. Deepam Chaterjee has kept a good pace and has done a pretty neat job of intertwining Indian mythology with our current – modern world to deliver a script that looks full of potential and hope.
The Birth of a God!
Click to view the high quality image

 Slight disappointment over the story ending so soon, but I guess that’s a credit to the script as well, in a way, as it leaves me wanting for more. Although for 80 bucks I would have liked to read a few more pages of story. Vimanika makes up for that, by including full page character sketch (fully drawn and colored) along with the actual history, albeit mythological, of the 8 great sages. But I would definitely have preferred more story in the book. That is the only area Vimanika needs to cover the ground in, apart from that, Kalki looks like a good book and The Silver Book is an excellent start to what will, hopefully, be a grand adventures of a Modern God!

Oh, wait. Almost forgot. There is a very cool poster free with this book too, so those who were apprehensive initially can forget that and buy it now.

Free poster with I am Kalki – The Silver Book
Click to view high quality image


PS: Another tiny suggestion. On the credits page, the names have been printed in a very dark grey color, against a jet black background, which kindda makes it hard to read. Just take care of that. I am sure, like me, most fans would like to know the names of the people who have worked hard behind any book, and their names should be easily readable. Just my two cents…

Durvasa Rishi to the Left, Chayavana Rishi to the right and Vedvyasa in the middle
3 of the 8 great Sages.
Click on each image to view high quality


Dog Day Afternoons

14 May

Taking a break from the usual humdrum of Deciphering DC & ushering in a “through rose tinted glasses” look at the heydays of Indian Comics in the nineties, which were incidentally also my school days. Ah those days where friendship meant everything, and everything gets set by the final bell….and then the true days begin….

I did my schooling in a quiet suburb of Mumbai called Mulund. As a toddler, I was an inquisitive chap, but never an eager reader, until my parents got me a few comic books. I was too young to read words though understood letters nicely. A few of these comics were my initiation to proper reading. I started reading comics all on my own when I reached the tender age of 6 years. Till then my parents used to read them out to me.

Once I started reading voraciously, weekend visits to the raddiwallah used to yield maybe 4-5 books per week. Growing older, the number of books was restricted solely by my pocket money. The staples were TINKLE, AMAR CHITRA KATHA, DIAMOND COMICS & INDRAJAL COMICS. On a lucky day, I might have found copies of CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED, DC COMICS, MARVEL COMICS or their indian counterparts published by Chandamama as DOLTON COMICS & IBH as STAR COMICS.

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Exclusive Preview : Jump issue 3 (season 2) – Shaurya..

22 Apr
Level 10 comics have kindly shared the previews form their upcoming comic anthology Jump (season 2 volume 3), series – Shaurya..

If you haven’t been reading level 10 comics, you are missing out on a revolutionary comic company in India. They are doing a tremendous job in bringing back the comic culture that we used to love and enjoy so much..

Their stories have been fresh and energetic. They have been experimenting with art styles recently, which is good as far as we are concerned.. slowly and steadily they are becoming a force to reckon with.

We at Comic Addicts love Jump anthology and wait for it every month with bated breath …Watch out for our special article focusing on Jump and level 10 next week right here!

We are also going to make a very special announcement relating to Level 10 next week.. so stay tuned and enjoy the preview pages below..

Don’t forget to tell us what you thought of these pages!!

Exclusive Project Reveal: Retrograde

28 Mar

As promised we reveal yet another comic project in the making!

Writer – Akshay Dhar
Artist/Penciller – Avik Kumar Maitra
Inker – Swapnil Singh
Twenty Onwards Media  Ltd
Release Date – April 

Synopsis – as humanity faces the future we are living with the fastest evolving life-form on the planet – technology. Growing and changing almost daily. Today the world as a whole is becoming wired together. The future is a glittering computer console gateway to tomorrow.

Retrograde was a concept born out of the question: What would we do if the world would shut down tomorrow? Imagine waking up in a world where only the most rudimentary tech would work. What would humanity do? How would our world change? A group formed by chance is our prism to tell the story of this likely improbable but likely ever-so possible tomorrow.

The good folks at twenty onwards media have graciously shared the team roster for Retrograde (Click to read in full glory!). What do you guys think?

Our take: 

First Look: We have rarely seen groups in Indian comic industry, so its a welcome sight to see a team comic coming out, and that too a non-superhero one ( from the looks of it)

Concept: It goes without saying , the concept is an appealing one. This series asks the question, what happens when technology fails us? It seems its a dystopian world, and would be interesting to see characters interact with the limited or Neanderthal tech at their disposal. 

Potential: We expect a survival comic with a lot of twists. Like The walking dead, this series has the potential to really scream at us from the character’s voices. The best part about the walking dead are the character interactions, and this comic too will rise or fail depending on whether these characters can draw us in. It might also be interesting seeing the world in a new light – one without technology. 

We Indians are a dependent lot on our IT and allied industry. What do you do when all that goes away? Forget that! There is going to be a war fought over basic amenities..

The team roster has a mix of varied personalities and nationals, which could make for an interesting dynamic if they are played well against each other.

We might be over-reaching with just one teaser shown, but we are guessing there would be a reason why the Tech went away. The author may or may not chose to reveal that !..

Lets wait and see what twenty media has to offer!

Artist in the making : Devmalya Pramanik

22 Mar
A regular column, wherein we invite all upcoming comic artists ( or an artist who should be working in comics!) and showcase their talent for the world to see. If you are an upcoming artist and would like to be featured here, please contact our team. 

For the first edition of Artists Gallery lets meet:

Devmalya Pramanik

Q:What got you into comic books?
A: How do you fall in love? there is no answer… it just happened..Ii used to read a lot of comics when i was around 13..used to draw using references…and then i started to see comics for what they really are…started analysing how this stuff is done.. i started to take it seriously when i was around 16 or 17….comics are my first and last love…hehe..cant even start describing how important comic art is to me….

Q: Who is your favourite comic book character?
A:Till a time it was wolverine….it is even now but he got replaced by two characters- deadpool and the darkness..Deadpool is a character u just have to read, a very underdoggish character, but vey worth a read!!

Q: Who are your major artistic influences?
A: Hmmm…let me see….was very inspired by Leinil Yu….to tell you truth, reading Superman: Birthright was a turning point in my life….some other major influences are Doug Mahnke, John Romita Jr, C.P Smith, Tomm Coker….seeing their art makes me feel like giving my best….One of the most influential persons in my art life is Biboswan Bose….without him my art would not have been what it is.

Q: What comics do you currently read?

A: Currently been busy so am not getting time to read a lottta comics, hehe….but am currently read Batman:Under The Hood, awesome stuff by Winnick, Mahnke and Paul…..plan to read all volumes of Sandman….love Neil Gaiman’s works. read Watchmen and dug Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons….

Q: What are you currently working on?
A: Am currently working on a project, cant unwrap that piece of news right now….am also working on a storyline of my own design, hope to turn it into a creator based property someday….

Q: What would be your Dream Project?
A: dream project…..lets think…working for Mark Millar on one of his stories…..he so rocks man!!!!!!!!!!! he 

has really bowled me over with Kick Ass, Nemesis, and Superior

Like what you see?? Dev can be found at his fb moniker:

Do you want to be featured here? Drop us a line below!

Double Take: Review of LOK II

21 Mar

Editor/Script: Deepam Chatterjee
Art: Hemant Kumar
Cmpositing: Tabish Shaikh and Deepak Rawat
Cover Art: Amit Tayal and Abdul Rasheed
Color: Abdul Rasheed

Publisher: Vimanika comics

Take One: Review by Anirudh Singh

Andy is a veteran western comic/Manga geek. With the rise of Indian comic scene, he has ventured back into indigenous comics from his self posed exile to speak about Indian comics

Ah finally Indian comics are foraying into territory left alone for so long, using source material handed down over the ages in the history of our own people. There are so many stories and tales of unsung heroes in our mythology, it would be a sin to ignore them for too long. Amar Chitra Katah tried it once long ago. Capturing glimpses of wonder and amazement as they told the epic of Mahabharta. Vimanika does it again with the Legend of Karna. 

The book rightfully titled “The Sixth” takes us back across the ages and eons. Into an era when darkness and light were not defined by science, rather were defined by magic. Before anything else even impacts the reader the artwork does. It is magnificient in all aspects. Character designs blend seamlessly into the narrative and the visual imagery is quite stunning. 

The story is also an eye opener. This is not the tale of Karna as we remember it from Ramanand Sagar’s televesion epics. No there are layers to this story. The start is fantastic, with a begining embroiled in primal legends of a demon who sought and won a great blessing from the Sun God. The story churns on and familiar faces start to appear imbibing you with a sense of mystery. It is after all a story of how deception and intrigue created a rift between two brothers. And how the destinies of these fated heroes embroiled even the Gods in their tangles.

One scene which truly stood out was the birth of Kauravas. The idea of a hundred sons being born from one mother was always fantastic concept but “The Sixth” takes this concept further, the feeling of unease is thick within these panels. And you can instantly tell that the product of alchemy as foul this has to be foul itself. It is no wonder that the sons of the Kuru clan turned out filled to brim with malice. Shakuni is a character to watch for, the schemer from the epic takes on a new visage as he is shown to be a man in command of nefarious powers. Part necromancer, part sorcerer Shakuni can be seen taking an eerie interest in his nephew’s lives from an early age. In contrast the birth of the Pandavas is heralded by the presence of a God. For indeed it was the union between God and human that gave birth to the five princes. The contrasting births and the contrasting destinies of the kindred princes is set up beautifully drawing in the reader and setting up for an epic launch.

However,just as I was getting engrossed into the amazing narrative and artwork. The story decided to skip. And when I say skip, I mean skip completely to the modern age. Now, I like clever narratives, I like scene switching, multiple timelines the works. But to pull it off you have to really careful. You see whenever you skip from one time to a completely different one you break off the flow of the story. To reconnect the flow one has to place a few familiar elements, or gradually introduce you to the new characters elaborating the relationship with the old ones. This book doesnt have that. The time – skip hits you in the face with all the politeness of a brick wall. And stops u short of enjoying the story

.The story afterwards is not in any way lacking than the one before the skip. Its interesting, has the same artwork and a lot of interesting characters and I’m certain given time and more books in the series I would enjoy that part too. But right now with the book as it is, It reads off more as two separate stories in the same jacket than one continuous one. 

Legend of Karna, The Sixth is no doubt a classy book in a classy series. But it suffers sometimes from glaring abruptness in its narration. The artwork though fantastic,  blended in perfectly when the story was somewhere in the BC, it does not go so well with the mordern setting. Perhaps as I read more of this series the narrative will right itself and once more build up its pace to perfection, 
A valiant effort,  might one day evolve into a work of art.

Double Take: Review by Nishkarsh Chugh
Nishkarsh is a veteran Indian comic blogger and fan and the youngest member of our team 

The awaited Legend of Karna Book II has been launched recently at Comicon but as they say; “देर आये दुरुस्त आये”..

During the Con, it had great sale, due to which Vimanika was sold out on Day 1.. The trend continued on Day 2 and that was when, I got my copy.. 

The cover was extraordinary, by Amit Tayal (who is an illustrator for Campfire too) and Abdul Rasheed. However, the first main difference between LOK Book I and LOK Book II was the inside art. Amit Tayal was replaced by Hemant Kumar, but I still feel the former was better.
Nevertheless, the story was AWESOME and continued from where it left, when Karna was abandoned in River Charmanwati. However, there was a short (7 pages to be more precise) introduction about the demon Dambhodbhava and Nara and Narayana, a prologue to how Karna got his armor.

 The main story began with Chapter 2: Childhood featuring how Karna was adopted by Adhiratha and his wife, Radha and the life of Karna as a child. It also featured the birth of Pandavas and Kauravas and 
associated stories.
The main feature of LOK Book II is that it revealed the villains of the present time, who were none other than the Kauravas- Dusshala, Duryodhan and rest of the gang.
The story ended with Dev Daljit Singh, beating up some guys who came to kill Karan Vir. Amazing action, I must say.
Now coming to overall rating, I really liked LOK Book and I think this has a great future potential and if the series continues like this, it may live upto the expectations of the fans..

Dheeraj Verma Speaks from Seattle Emerald city comicon!

9 Mar
Dheeraj Verma with Great Phoenix Jones
It was a really very nice feeling at ECCC and lot of fans were there, city was freezing but the welcome by the organizers was very warm, I love that.

Seattle is one of the best city I found in US after the San Diego. City was small but very pleasant to live there. Beautiful place and surrounded by sea and got a chance to meet so many people like Max Brooks, sitting next to me, as well as the team of Avatar Press,  Dave and Keith, both are such a nice persons and as usual Mike Wolfer and Jason.
Dheeraj Sir with Poison Ivy

People were looking to enjoy  for 3 days and am sure they enjoyed the show. I am puttin some of the pics I took , especially of real time Hero : the Great Phoenix Jones, a real super hero who fights with the criminals in Seattle streets in night and when I met him I was not aware that who is he, but when Keith told me about I was really amazed that we have such peoples in here on earth who are real time Super Heroes. A big salute to him, while to saving peoples he faced the guns and other weapons of course but he is tough guy and no doubt again a Super Hero.

Bye for now and will keep you update time to time. 

Dheeraj Verma