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Exclusive : The return of the Original Hero- Bahadur

8 Dec

Adventures got a sneak peak to the invitation launching Bahadur’s website!!

For people who do not know Bahadur is one of the most famous heroes of Indrajal comics (yup the same one that published Phantom and Mandrake) and was created by Aabid Surti in the mid 70’s.

To quote Aabid himself:
“Bennett, Coleman & Co wanted me to create an Indian character that could take on the popularity of the four foreign comics that ruled the market in India then—The Phantom, Mandrake, Flash Gordon and Tarzan, During that time, the Chambal Valley was becoming increasingly notorious, and there were exhortations to people to group together to fight crime. So I developed the character of Bahadur as someone who helps create a citizens’ police force to fight the dacoits.” – From Wikipedia

Initially the website will feature some of the old strips , but there are plans to bring new content and new relevant issues to the fore, such as terrorism.

We are rooting for the first indigenous hero…

Stay Tuned to our site for an exclusive interview with Aabid Surti coming soon …