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Halloween Film/TV Recommendations for Comic Geeks

10 Oct
In keeping with the wonderful advice we give you, our readers and fellow geeks, along with staying within the Halloween spirit today we’re going to help you with a dilemma you may be facing. You may be asking yourself, “How do I fulfill the need for something creepy to watch AND get my comic book fix at the same time?” Well here is a list of films and TV shows that will hopefully help to fix that problem.

Swamp Thing

Either the films or the TV series will work. It has mutants, action, and suspense. Not to mention that it stars a comic book hero who can manipulate the elements, and oh yeah, bring people back from the dead. How cool is that?!

The Incredible Hulk

For this one we recommend the series rather than the movies. Why? The series had a much more Frankenstein’s monster feel to it. Of course there is also the comic hero thrashing on the bad guys too.


The live action films and the animated ones are great for that comic book creature feature need. There are monsters galore, evil spirits, and a demon trying to keep the peace. Besides, what’s not to love about a wise cracking demon doing a blue collar job?


One man who has the impossible, as well as never ending, job of keeping the balance between heaven and hell. There are demons, secret wars, incantations, and rites all done in the name of keeping the balance between good and evil. It also has John Constantine, from the Hellblazer comics, who is thrashing on the bad guys who cross the line.


The animated TV series by Disney has it all. There are monsters, robots, sorcery, and heroes who only come out at night. They also had their own comic series for a while. It’s also worth mentioning that many of the voices were done by several members of the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Doctor Strange

The animated movie put out by Marvel is filled with supernatural suspense. The origin of Stephen Strange blended together with the come-back attempts of Mordo. There is sorcery, both good and evil, as well as dark creatures of magic.


Vampires that don’t sparkle. Is there really any more that needs to be said? How about hybred vampire looking to take down all of the selfish human preying vampires? Yeah, we thought that would get your attention. Epic vampire battles to the death. It doesn’t get much better.

Ghost Rider

A stunt rider who sells his soul to the Devil and then becomes a bounty hunter for hell. Also tossed in for fun are elemental demons trying collect a mass of evil souls for their power. There’s also the cool skull on fire thing the aptly named Johnny Blaze has going on. Sounds like good ol’ supernatural fun with a twist of butt whoopin’ going on.

The Batman vs Dracula

An animated meeting of Batman and Dracula that is phenomenal! This movies shows just how much Batman and Dracula have in common. Dracual is awakened by Penguin and starts to promptly feed on the residents of Gotham. Also, for a really spine tingling twist, see Joker as a vampire.
If there’s any others that you can think of or that we left out, please let us know. Also tell us who/what your favorite supernatural comic book character is.

Gintama – A 2nd Movie Announced!

26 Aug

 There is no shortage of Samurai Themed anime’s out there, but one in particular stands out from the crowd for being bold and different: Gintama.
Gintama has grown in the past few years from a manga to a prime-time weekly show with over 220 episodes and counting (no fillers !). If you are in a mood for a Samurai-related-comedy-themed anime with many parodies and pop culture references, Gintama is your best bet! There is no other show like it… Seriously!!
 That being said… Greetings Gintama Fans – I bring great news!!
Everyone’s favorite naturally-permed, silver-haired samurai – Sakata Gintoki – is all set for his return to the big screen for the second time. Warner Brothers Japan recently announced that a second feature film will start its production soon. As for the release date and the movie title, they are still to be decided.
If you have not seen the previous movie, Gintama: Shinyaku Benizakura-Hen, it was a story-arc from the anime series (Benizakura arc) which was released on the big screen featuring a higher quality of animation and better visual effects than the original series.
Although the first movie was not an original story, its limited theatre release in 90 screens across Japan ended up earning 1.07 billion yen at the box office (not counting the DVD sales).

There is no word yet if the next movie will feature a new untold story, however, I am sure we can expect only good things from it.


– By Sanjay Ramjhi

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review

18 Jul

Alright, so this exactly new news, but late is better than never right? So here it is, a review of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Besides, think of it as a nice break in all of this Harry Potter madness.

So lets start with the obvious; Megan Fox isn’t in it. So how does her replacement Rosie Huntington-Whiteley do? Well in the first half of the movie she does well; however, once the action really kicks in she seems very lost. Perhaps she would do well in romantic comedies, but Ms. Huntington-Whiteley should refrain from action films. Overall though, very attractive and the accent is also nice, but when it all hits the fan she really doesn’t have much of an effect at all.

Now, onto the important focal point of the movie; the bots! There were some very heated battles in this final installment of Transformers. You also get to see some bots that weren’t in the previous film. Bots such as Soundwave, Laserbeak, Igor, and others. Of course the classic characters come back like, Optimus, Bumblebee, Starscream, and Megatron. The most anticipated addition was Sentinel Prime.

The Mighty Spock Prime!!!

Sentinel was one of the original Primes and he is also voiced by Leonard Nimoy. Yep, that’s right, Spock came out of retirement to voice a Transformer. Very cool in a super geeky way right? What’s even more super geeky and cool (possible spoiler alert) is that Nimoy utters one of his famous lines from Star Trek; “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” Awesome in a totally nerd way right?

Transformers: Dark of the Moon also has a few celebrity appearances like John Malkovich, Patrick Dempsey, Frances McDormand, and Buzz Aldrin (yes THE Buzz Aldrin). Again, characters from the previous movies come back. A personal favorite is John Tuturro as Simmons. The crazy walking conspiracy encyclopedia is back and he has an assistant named Dutch played by Alan Tudyk.

The story line for Dark of the Moon is a cross between War of the Worlds and The Matrix. Aliens invade, the good guys are helpless, and the bad guys convince everyone that getting rid of the Autobots who can save us is in our best interest cause then they’ll take what they want and go away. Then, like idiots, we all believe them and have effectively been duped by the bad guys. It’s now man vs machine and the machines are winning. The ending leaves no doubt that yes, this is it. There is no room for anymore sequels, although Hollywood has proven us wrong before.

Click on the image to view full size

Overall it’s a very fun flick and worth the watch. The Decepticons are much more devious and ruthless than they have ever been. A lot of gaps in the history between the humans and Transformers get filled in with some interesting surprises. For those conspiracy minded people who believe the moon landing was faked, well it was, but only to cover up the true reason for the race to the moon. It wasn’t just to beat the Russians there, it was also to investigate an event NASA computers registered before the Russians could.

Battles were fought, people and bots were lost, but in the end good prevailed over evil and humanity was saved yet again.

2011: Superheroes on the Screen!

29 Apr
We, at Comic Addicts don’t only review, interview etc. but also keep you abreast with the latest happenings in the comic world and 2011 is the year of superheroes on screen, when comic comes to cinema!

2011 started with Green Hornet which released on January 14. The movie was nice, but sadly not awesome. The next big thing came today, Thor and IT IS AWESOME.

Coming to future releases now, the nearest next release is Priest, based on the Korean comic. The comic’s good, the trailer’s nice and now we have to wait for May 13 to know whether the movie is good or not.

After Priest, we have the Monk himself, Buddha. On May 28, the Osamu Tezuka’s 1980’s work comes to screen, but with disappointments as it is animated, and that too not like the original artwork. I’m just counting this movie in the list as I personally like it a lot.

After Buddha, we have the movie for which everyone is waiting. Marvel’s X-Men: First Class which releases on June 3. The movie is a prequel to the first 3 movies. The movie focuses on the friendship between Charles Xavier and Magneto, before they became enemies. It also includes the Hellfire club, Mystique and a variety of other mutants like Darwin, Havok etc.

Giving tough competition to Marvel in June is DC’s Green Lantern. The special effects are AWESOME and probably the best I’ve ever seen. GL releases 14 days after X-Men i.e. 17 June.

Fear not, Marvel fans! Even if GL defeats X-Men, we have a secret weapon, which till now (after watching the trailer) is far better than Green Lantern and the secret weapon is Captain America: The First Avenger and I don’t think anybody can defeat Cap.

The Barbarian has also rebooted. Conan: The Barbarian comes to screen on August 19.

That’s not all! Coming in 2012 are Ghost Rider: Sprit of Vengeance, The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-man and The Dark Knight Rises.

Also in 2011 are Thor: Tales of Asgard, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights and Batman: Year One releasing as animated movies.

Lastly, Deadpool, X-Men Origins: Wolverine II, G.I.Joe II, Iron Man III, Superman: Reboot are also rumored to release soon.

P.S. We are having a pole going on our page, and it would be nice if you participate too and tell us which is your favorite upcoming superhero movie. Just click here to enter.

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