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In Memory – Gene Colan

25 Jun

I was saddened to hear of the passing of longtime artist for DC & Marvel, Gene Colan (23-6-11). According to me, he was one of the most under rated artists in the industry.
Let me elaborate about what made the man so different from other artists of the time period – his style due to which even his roughest pencils had that finished look. Check out his pencils illustrating Dracula, Lord of the Vampires for Tomb of Dracula. He also co-created Blade, with writer Marv Wolfman.

The image directly above is from 2009, shows Mr. Colan hadn’t lost his touch.

Perhaps what he will be remembered the most for is his defining run on Daredevil.

Check out this solid finished interior page from Daredevil.

I was particularly exposed to him due to his classic run on Batman & Detective Comics. Around that time, my favourite writer Doug Moench had begun to write both magazines, and I gleefully bought them all….around twenty years later.

Once I noticed who the artist was, I started picking up more stuff based solely on his talent as an artist.

Also another favourite. In this case the interior art is by Colan for the adult portion, while the gang as teens were done by the original Archie art team (DeCarlo & others) while the cover was by John Byrne.

What you can buy to get more of the man:

Tales of the Batman by Gene Colan Vol 1 (might be a bit spotty as they might have excluded other artist’s work while the writer being the same continues his work, but go for it, to me it’s the best of his work)

Night Force

Tomb of Dracula

Click here to find more of his work

You might note, many items above haven’t been released yet. It’s such a shame that Gene met an untimely end, just around the time his work was gaining wider recognition.

Rest in Peace, Sir. We will miss you.