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Marvel Previews : What do you Fear most?

17 Dec

This week Marvel has released the following FEAR themed teasers. What do you think Marvel is planning? A new series or some new crossover event? Is some FEAR themed villain going to attack our heroes?What is gonna happen in Marvel Universe? Its fun to contemplate isn’t it?

Spiderman echoes the sentiments of a normal US citizen – An economy collapse! A terrorist attack! A nuclear fallout… Good thing he doesn’t remember Mephisto I say .

Cyclops have done some dubious things within the recent storylines, chief amongst which is no doubt sanctioning murder for wolverine’s X-Force. He also has almost the entire mutant species united in his plans, a feat not even magneto could achieve. Magneto also supports cyclops initiatives. This is reason enough for Cyclops to be afraid of becoming another Magneto..

Now this theme has been explored multiple times, the latest one I think was with the CIVIL WAR. Even though CAP’s faith in the system wasn’t shattered he still considered the superhuman registration law to be wrong. There have been previous instances of CAP losing his faith in the system. Not sure if this is entirely new thing that we are seeing here.

Again, this has been explored multiple times. Losing control has been Doctor Banner’s biggest fear since the beginning. Writers have explored this area quite comprehensively. Can Marvel once again revisit this old theme and make it new ( i.e if they are planning to! we still don’t know what these teasers are all about!)

Now this is a new one! Thor being afraid of his dad – the allfather ODIN. This has me thinking about Norse mythology and what could Thor possibly have to be afraid of?

whatever the answer to this teaser trailer is, I am sure it would be a fun read if nothing else.. I am interested enough to give it a go , Are you?