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Witchblade: The Indian connection (Part 2)

23 Dec

We revealed a pin up of Witchblade  by Abhishek Malsuni and Shashank Mishra for Witchblade annual here

Now we reveal another Witchblade pin up by Shashank Mishra for the same annual. Please click on the image to see this fine piece of art in all its glory.

 I really like the concept of this art piece. As we can see, Witchblade is drawn here as vanquisher of evil forces . This art is a confluence of western character and eastern sensibilities.
For me, one of the best facet of this art is the expression on the face of the Witchblade wearer and the flowing hair. She seems to be channeling a divine goddess who has just emerged victorious in a fierce battle with a demon and is still seething with anger.

If there is one fictional character that is suited for such a portrayal, it is definitely the bearer of the Witchblade.

For the uninitiated, to get a brief idea about what the Witchblade is all about , please refer to our previous post on Witchblade : here

And once again congrats to Shashank Mishra from the adventures team for this doubly whammy on Witchblade annual.

Witchblade : The Indian connection

4 Dec

-By Manks

Abhishek Malsuni / Shashank Mishra.. An indian artist/colorist duo have contributed to the up-coming Withcblade Annual… Here is the result of their Hardwork

Kudos to them.. Is Indian Talent finally getting recognised abroad?

For people who do not know, Witchblade is one of the Top properties of Top cow Publications ( under Image banner)… These days its being written by Ron Marz ( an industry stalwart and excellent writer).

Witchblade is a story of a police detective Sara Pezzani, who finds herself the wielder of a mystical artifact – the witchblade. The witchblade has had many wielders ( all women) throughout history and Sara is just the latest one.

The activation of witchblade causes Sara’s clothes to malfunction ( as you can see in this pinup as well ), which lead to initial comics of the series using this as an excuse to showcase as much of Sara herself as legally possible ..

I can however state that Ron Marz has turned the series on its head . He has not only added depth to Sara’s character but also to the mythology of Witchblade itself.  I recommend reading the following trades to catch up on some of the best stuff done on Witchblade yet!

First Born
Broken Trinity

The last storyline recommended ( Artifacts ) is actually running currently. The art duties for the most Part is handled by Stjepan Sejic, and let me say the art is just incredible.

Here is a look at Stjepan’s handiwork:

Hope you agree.

Heartiest congratulations to Abhishek Malsuni and Shashank Mishra once again. You guys have made us proud.