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5 Nov

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5 QUESTIONS with New Zealand Illustrator, Michel Mulipola

4 Oct

5 QUESTIONS is were I asked 5 questions of New Zealand Comic Book Creators, Writers and Artists.
This week I got a hold of Samoan Artists, Michel Mulipola and asked him the 5’s. I met Michel through the local comic shop where he works in Auckland. Aside from being professional illustrator, Michel also wrestles in the local Impact Pro-Wrestling NZ. His character Kid-Liger’s mask’s adorn t-shirts. His illustration work is viewable on Kid-Liger

The Gutters #197
Comic Addicts. Who Michel Mulipola as a Comic Creators?

Nobody. Just some guy who likes to draw too much and hope to make a living from it… someday.

CA. What got you interested in comic books?

Michel. The usual story, I just happened to stumble upon some of my uncle’s collection of comic books as a little kid. He had some 2000ADs, Rom the Space Knight and other Marvel stuff. I just fell in love with the great collaboration of words and pictures that make comic books what they are.

CA. All comic fans or creators have artists or writers they look up to, who would you consider as your faves or inspirations and how, if any, way have they influenced your work? 

Michel. Jim Lee is my favourite artist but I’ll also add Joe Kubert on there as well because the legend can do no wrong with his art. I also find inspiration from artists (like) Dave Johnson, Sean Murphy and Francis Manapul.

CA. You have been involved for a while with the local comic industry, what do you think of the calibre of creators we have in New Zealand?
Lucha a Koko #2 pg 5

Michel. I haven’t drawn a major comic story in a little while, something I’m planning to change in the near future with a coupla stories in the works. New Zealand’s comic industry is fairly minuscule so everyone knows everyone. Most people are drawing comics just because they can and because they’re fun. There are a handful of Kiwi creators who dream of making it into the international comic industry. I look up to fellow Kiwi creators who have done work for the major comic companies like Roger Langridge, Colin Wilson, Dylan Horrocks and more recently, Ben Stenbeck.

CA. Where do you see yourself in the future as Comic Creator?

Michel. I hope to see myself drawing comics for a major company or even just being able to make a living out of doing something I love. I got a little glimmer of hope that my dream could be a reality when I earned a one on one portfolio review with a DC Comics editor at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Aru (Aruneshwar Singh, is a writer and graphic novelist who has several unpublished works currently being worked on as well as working with other Illustrators and Artists he also illustrates his own comics. His webcomic Zero can be viewed here. Aru has a BA in Digital Media- Digital Filmmaking and is the CEO and Owner of New Zealand’s only Online Comic Store, Comic TradeFacebook

Delhi Anime Con!!!

12 Sep
Sorry about the delay guys. We were experiencing some connectivity problems, due to rain and water clogging in Delhi. The pics for Day 2 and the awesome Cosplay on Day 3 are up on our Facebook Page, and will be available on the website soon enough too!!!

Day 2
Click here to view day 2 pics

Day 3 Cosplay!
Click here to view the Cosplay Pics

Knowing Jazyl Homavazir

30 Aug
Who is Jazyl Homavazir?

I’m a 25 year old freelance 2D Animator, Illustrator & Character Concept artist from Mumbai, India. I have a passion for art & story telling . I am heavily influenced by various animated shows & aspire to get a full time job in the field of 2D animation real soon. I do have my own style of art but I am more influenced by anime & manga, not just for the compelling art but also the fantastic long drawn out story arcs.
I am also the creator of The Beast Legion ( , a webcomic project that I started in 2010. Apart from that I work on various freelance projects.
Where can we check out more of your art?
Well, I post a lot of the work I do in my free time as well as some commissioned work on my Deviantart page which is . I think it’s ‘The ‘ website to gain inspiration as well as get some great feedback from people who are actually a part of the arts & Animation Industry.
You can also find my Animation work at my Youtube account which is

Monstor and child
Click image to view full size

What inspires you to create comics & Illustrations?
I’m a big time fantasy reader. I absolutely love reading those stories. So that’s one of the biggest motivations that drove me towards creating the comic.
I grew up watching shows like He-man & Thundercats from the 80’s & I’m sure as the story advances you’ll see hints pointing towards those shows at some point . As I grew up I deviated to watching Anime & was instantly captivated by the character designs & how well interrelated character stories merged into one. The biggest anime/manga influences I’ve come across are Naruto & Fullmetal Alchemist. I’m a big fan of Misashi Kishimoto’s ability to create such a long drawn story which only gets better as you go ahead .
As for Illustrations, I’ve been drawing since I was 6. I have done my diploma in Animation at Arena Multimedia but initially, I had no formal training in the field of art. In 2006 I started an account on Deviantart . I started posting my work there & from then on I have worked on several commissions , both private & corporate. One of my most important commissions , if all goes well, should be revealed in late 2012 but that’s all I can mention at this point.
Beast of Burdur
Click image to view full size

Click image to view full size
What is the Beast Legion all about?
The Beast Legion is a fantasy adventure Black/White comic that takes place in a fantasy based world know as Lithopia. The story follows the a journey of Prince Xeus who is forced to flee his homeland after it falls into the clutches of an Evil Warlock named Dragos & his band of mutated Shadow Nexus Warriors. I know the plot may sound cliché but trust me, when you read the first three issues you’ll get an exact Idea of what to expect.
Furthermore, the story focuses on Xeus’s adventure to reclaim his homeland by first mastering the power of The Ancient Guardian Beasts of Lithopia & overcome extraordinary odds by making new friends & battling a horde of evil warriors who themselves possess similar powers.
The title, “The Beast Legion” refers to the fact that these characters can transform into anthropomorphic beast counterparts during battle.

Beast Legion – Poster
Click image to view full size


How long did it take for you to conceptualize the comic?
I’ve been working on this concept for a little over three years. It started back in 2007 when I entered it as script for the Animax Pan-Asia competition. I’m not a professional writer by any means, but I do think I can get a story across. In any case, Things didn’t work out that time so I went back & started to look back & improve on the story, add more believable characters & make it more interesting for the reader.
One day I got this crazy idea of pitching the concept to a cartoon studio but after thorough research I found that you need content to pitch the script. So I went ahead & initially created character bios for some of the prominent characters. Later in 2008 I came across several great webcomics, which I read till this very day. That’s when I decided to transform the story from script to paper. It took a while to get used to the style I wanted but I finally started drawing the comic in 2009 & ended up publishing it in June, 2010.

Click image to view full size


Is the manga free to read online? How many issues have been released so far?
Yes , it’s totally free to read it online. I have currently released five issues online. Issue 5 is still ongoing & Issue 6 should start in mid July & trust me, it’s going to be one of the ‘Best’ & most important issues of the saga.

Scot vs Sinestro!
Click image to view full size


Why is the comic in Greyscale?
That one is easy. I work on this comic whenever I get the free time from my freelance work. I’m pretty serious about it making into mainstream media, but the reality is I do everything solo. Right from writing, penciling, inking, shading & lettering. Coloring would be a whole different beast (no pun intended !). Maybe someday if I get someone to volunteer for coloring I might think about it.

Click image to view full size

Click image to view full size
How many issues do you plan on releasing?
I have always approached this manga as an Anime series & divided it into two seasons of 26 episodes each. So that’s around 52 episodes. The stories in the manga however further subdivide these episodes into two parts. So all in all, that would probably be around 100 issues or so. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to reach those many issues after I get a full time job, but I will continue to try my best working on it as long as I possibly can, ‘cause It’s a concept really dear to my heart.

Realm of Fantasy
Click image to view full size


Are the comics available in print?
Yes. However, at present they are available at for readers outside India & for readers within the country. I do however someday plan to find a publisher who could market & distribute the comic both in India & Internationally. Only time will tell where that leads me. The plus point of the printed issues is that they come with a cover , each of which is done by some awesome artist & a special pin-up in certain issues.

Shadow Nexus
Click image to view full size

What are the future plans both for yourself & The Comic?
Oh I’ve always believed in being humble yet dreaming BIG. My main career choice is 2D Animation & I hope to soon get a full time job & make my mark in the field of 2D Animation & Character design & Development.
As for ‘The Beast Legion’, I will be there at Comic Con Express, Mumbai on the 21st & 22nd of October, 2011 to promote the comic. I will be selling the first 4 issues (in print) there & hopefully find a publisher willing to help me distribute it.
The Last Elf
Click image to view full size

Create Your Own Superhero

15 Aug

We talk alot about current heroes and we critique them about as much. However, now we would like you to create your own hero. “But I can’t draw!” Not a problem, simply follow this link and you will be able to make heroes like you see here. It’s great fun and it will be interesting to see what you all can come up with. Post your homemade hero either to the Comic Addicts Facebook page or to the group I Love Comic Addicts. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

Insert Dialogue Here….

14 Aug

Write your own dialogue for this scene. What do you they’re saying to each other?

Exclusive Teaser from Level 10!!!

11 Aug
Click on the image to view it in its full size glory!
… and what a teaser it IS!
In fact, Level 10 has taken teasing to a different level where it’s graduated from being a harmless teasing to harassment! It has evolved from being a teaser to a culinary mash up between curiosity, suspense, mystery with a pinch of annoyance and anxiety chased by a shot of “can’t wait to get my fangs in it!!!”

Dog Damn! Just look at the cover! Makes you curious, doesn’t it?
I bet we’ll have a few dozen dead cats after this post.
When we asked Level 10 to explain the cover a little, shed a little light on it, here is what we got:
“Good guys finish last
 Ballads of Northern Malabar”
Huh! Great help Suhas! THIS makes things immensely clear. Clear as a bell – however clear a bell is supposed to be! (WHO thinks of such non sensible idioms?)

Anyway, so the only thing we DO know are the credits – partial, that is…

Written by Suhas Sundar
Artwork and Letters by Deepak Sharma

On a serious note, the artwork looks damn neat and impressive to me.

From the teaser it looks like Level 10 has decided to take things up to the next level (no pun intended)

I, for one, can’t wait to grab this one from the shelves and finish it in one go! I can’t wait for this one to be released.

Stay tuned for more exclusives from Level 10 right here!


5 Aug

premier edition hardback graphic novel

Collects Secret Avengers #6-12

Writer: Ed Brubaker

Art: Mike Deodato and Will Conrad

Published by Marvel Worldwide

Review by Stewart Loud

With Steve Rogers proudly packing what appears to be a colonial marines pulse rifle on the front cover, you know you’re gonna be in for an exciting ride in volume 2 of Marvel’s comic following the covert Avengers world police style strike team. Things certainly do heat up in these issues as Steve’s team travel to Hong Kong and China in their mission to uncover more about the secret but powerful organisation known as the Shadow Council, led by the Enigmatic Thorndrake and Nick Fury’s doppelganger, Max Fury. Time for some people to get kicked in the mouth!

Enlisting the help of The Prince Of Orphans and Shang-Chi, master of kung fu, the Avengers journey to the far east where they uncover a plot by the Shadow Council to resurrect Shang-Chi’s father. What starts as a fairly straight forward case of them having to beat their way through dozens of heavily armed but useless ninjas, soon turns into a great story full of edge of your seat “Hurry you guys!” moments and interesting twists and turns in the plot.

Steve’s old world war 2 comrade in arms and all round nut case, John Steele the first super soldier, shows up and more is discovered about him and the Shadow Council’s history and their links to Nazis, aliens and weird demonic rituals in a brilliant and in places a little unsettling flashback to one of Steve and John’s WW2 missions which as per usual with Marvel raises as many questions as it answers.

The story is all brilliantly supported by the impressive artwork. Wonderful shadows, lighting and scenery, detailed, dynamic characters, and plenty of crunchy looking action scenes of people getting kicked in the face by muscular legs with enormous, chunky combat booted feet on the end of them.

It does suffer a little bit early on from scenes where the Avengers manage to charge across open ground at groups of supposedly well trained men with guns and beat them all up without getting shot or the same groups of men running towards Steve, Black Widow and co’ without attempting to fire their guns until they’re in face punching range but the way the action scenes are detailed and directed does improve massively as the story progresses.

I enjoyed the first 5 issues of this series and these issues are even better. No Nova any more but still plenty of other great characters on the team (Steve, Beast, Antman, War Machine, Moon Knight, Black Widow and Valkyrie). Issue 12 is the final issue before the beginning of Marvel’s latest big event, Fear Itself.

SCORE 8/10

Today We Salute You, Ron Perlman

1 Aug

There is someone who has done a tremendous amount for comics and the sci-fi/adventure genres that doesn’t get nearly enough credit for his hard work – Ron Perlman. You know the name, but do you realize how much he’s done for comics? The TV shows, movies, as well as voice work man has done abound and today he is finally getting the recognition he so rightly deserves.

Perlman’s first big starring role was as Vincent on CBS’ Beauty and the Beast (1987) in which he co-starred with Linda Hamilton. Yes THAT Linda Hamilton from the Terminator movies. It was a modern (for its time) re-telling of the classic Beauty and the Beast story. The beast is half-lion and half-man and has psychic abilities, living underground in the Big Apple. While the beauty is a New York City prosecutor.

It was from there that Perlman got his first gig related to comics. He was the voice of Clayface on Batman: The Animated Series (1992). That deep gruff voice was perfect for the cruel, obsessive villain with a cursed flair for disguise. Perlman would reprise his Clayface role in The New Batman Adventures (1997) and the Justice League (2003) animated series.

 In fact Perlman has done a lot of voice work for various animated series. He played Bruce Banner and the Hulk in the series of both Iron Man (1996) and Fantastic Four (1995). In Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm (1996) he was the voice of Kurtis Stryker. On Superman (1997) he voiced Jax-Ur. Perlman is also the voice of the ultimate hunter and destroyer Slade on Teen Titans (2003). In the ghostly superhero series Danny Phantom (2004), thought up by the creators of The Fairly Odd Parents, Perlman voices Vice Principal Lancer. He even did a voice on Avatar: The Last Airbender (2007) as Firelord Sozin. When The Batman (2005) series came out Perlman came back to do voice work, but not Clayface. No, this time he lent his voice to Killer Croc and Bane. He also has a part in the Star Wars legacy – Perlman is the voice of Gha Nachkt in Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) series on Cartoon Network.
So perhaps you know the name and have heard his voice because you have seen one or more of these series. Chances are though, you have seen Perlman himself in one of his live action roles. He has been in bit parts on TV and has been in a few notable comic and sci-fi movies.

The role that Ron Perlman is best known for these days is the red demon with a surly attitude known as Hellboy. Perlman has played the character in both movies and reprised the role for the animated movies Sword of Storms (2006) and Blood and Iron (2007). Hellboy is a character that Perlman admits is fun to play. Perlman was also in Blade II (2002) as Reinhardt the bald vampire with a grudge against Blade. He will also be Corin in the new Conan the Barbarian set to be released August 19 of this year.

Perlman also has some sci-fi credits under his belt. Granted this was mentioned before, but now we’re going to tell you what he’s been in. He played Sayer of the Law in The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996) opposite the legendary Marlon Brando. 
In Alien Resurrection (1997) he was Johner. Perlman was also in Star Trek Nemesis (2002) playing Reman Viceroy Vkruk.
So as you can see, Ron Perlman has brought to life many memorable characters. Right about now we’re sure you’re doing a face palm saying, “Oh that guy!” Perlman has also done voice work for several video games, which we’re not going to really get into. Just as a hint though he was Batman in Justice League Heroes (2006). There are also several horror film credits under his belt as well.
It’s amazing how someone who is so rarely actually seen can have had his hand in so much having to do with comics and sci-fi. Lets face it, the man has made his living either wearing prosthetics and make-up or lending his voice to a character. Still, we here at Comic Addicts say, “Thank you Ron Perlman for all of your hard work! Keep it up!”

Tell us what you’ve seen Ron Perlman in and what is your favorite role he’s played. For more information on Perlman’s work visit his page at the IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base).

The Adventures of Karen Ross (Part 10)

25 Jul
Something told me to move very quickly because my life depended on it. Without thinking I rolled off the stone table onto the ground. There was adrenaline pumping through my system as I heard the clang of metal on stone just behind my head. Still trying to catch my breath I peered over the top of the table. There stood Ares with his blade resting where I had been not two seconds before. Ares smiled as he pulled his sword back and I got to my feet.
“I would ask what is wrong with you, but all I need to tell myself is that you’re the God of War and that pretty much sums it up.” I said angry and scared.
“Your instincts and reflexes seem to be working fine.” he said flatly.
“Here’s a tip for you: mortals are accustomed to a greeting other than trying to be killed first thing in the morning.” I said leaning on the table.
“Well you aren’t mortal anymore.” he leaned in towards me with a mischievous grin.

“A fact that I’m still getting used to, sorry I haven’t had time to read the manual yet.”

“Your training starts now.” he said sheathing his sword.

“Really? Cause I thought it started about thirty seconds ago.” I said still miffed.

“Hey Karen!” James said, suddenly coming up the hill with Jeff beside him.
“I was beginning to wonder where you disappeared to,” I said looking at James.

“I’ve been at the heart of Mount Vulcan with Hephestus. Man can that God work metal!” James said with admiration in his voice.

“I should have guessed as much.” I chuckled.

“Anyway, I’ve got some chain mail for you that we designed. It’s super light, but super strong.” he said holding up the metal-weave.

“That’s cool, but I can’t help to notice that it’s a little on the see through side.” I said looking from the chain mail to James.

“Well Artemis was able to get some donations from the Amazons. So now we’ve got some armor, weapons, and clothing a bit more suitable than the tunic you’re currently wearing,” James said holding up a large bag with his other hand.

“I’m going to need about five to ten minutes to change,” I turned to Ares.

“I’ll give you two,” he growled.

“You’ve all waited for me for centuries, what’s a couple of minutes more?” I asked as I went over to James.

Going into the cabin with the bag and chain mail I starting sorting through the clothes to see what might fit and what would be suitable. I decided on an animal skinned body suit. I put it on and the chain mail over it. James was right, this was super light. In fact the body suit seemed to have more weight than the armor did. Looking over the weapons I chose a sword, shield, and staff. I was afraid in all honesty. I was about to go against the God of War when only days ago I was having a hard time keeping my balance on crutches with my backpack. I took a deep breath before going out the door and back up that hill.

There wasn’t anyone on the hill. As I looked around I saw that down the left side there was a large dirt ring that was surrounded by a low wooden wall. Why hadn’t I seen this before? I had the sneaky suspicion that this island changed to suit the needs of those inhabiting it. I walked down the other side of the hill to the ring. Ares was waiting for me at the far end. His sword was drawn and he had removed his cape. James and Jeff sat on the wall to my right. I set the staff down deciding to use the sword and shield. I was quite positive that I was going to get my butt kicked. There was no doubt in my mind about that. I had no idea what I was doing and there didn’t seem to be any kind of starter level to any of this.

“Are you ready?” Ares asked with a smirk.

“As ready as I’m going to be.” I said.

“Don’t say it like that. Say with confidence, ‘YES I AM READY!'” he roared.

Was he actually being helpful all of a sudden? I nodded as I brought up my sword and shield. Ares and I walked to the middle of the ring to meet each other. James played referee by saying the ground rules were no killing and no hitting below the belt. After that, I was on my own. Ares swung high and I blocked with the shield. I attacked around the other side of the shield, but Ares blocked my advance. I was desperately trying to remember anything and everything I had seen on TV or in the movies that would help. My only frame of reference was Xena: Warrior Princess. The only advice I had for myself was the same mantra I had been saying for years; never back down from a problem no matter how big or impossible it may seem. Of course I had always applied that to school, my step-mother, and my physical defects. Fighting like this had never even entered into it. Wait, was Ares actually going easy on me. No, it would be too much unlike him, but at the same time I got the distinct impression that he was holding back. He wasn’t going to let me get a hit in; I had to genuinely earn that. I was scared, but I needed to learn, so I made a decision. Whether that decision was bold or stupid I’m not sure, but I tossed aside the shield. I had been hiding behind it up until this point. Jeff and James gasped from their spots. Ares gave me an approving smile and nod. I was quivering on the inside, but I didn’t want it to show. Ares came at me in a full attack. I rolled out of the way hearing the sword clang on the ground. I got to my feet quickly turning to brace for the next assault. He came at me high again. Ares wanted to make sure I could protect my vital organs. I blocked his blow with my sword reaching out with my other hand punching him just below the ribs. Ares coughed, but smiled. He went for my knees, but I flipped out of the way. Wait, I flipped? Indeed I had, without much thought and incredible ease at that. That was a rush. Suddenly something occurred to me. I took a good look at Ares. He had a very sturdy stance that allowed him quick movement, but stability to withstand an attack. I needed to upset his base to win this. I went for the direct approach of head-on combat. Ares and I clanged swords back and forth while Jeff and James watched. This was intense and while I was surprised I was doing as well as I was, I kept my mind on the goal. Ares went to adjust his stance and I took hold of that opportunity. I went down quick taking his feet out from under him. As he fell I knocked his sword out of his hand, disarming him. Ares hit the ground hard. I stood over him with my sword pointed at his throat. I had seen it in so many movies I figured there must be something to it. Ares looked up at me first with shock and anger burning in his eyes, but that melted away as pride and laughter came to his face.

“Well done!” he said looking up at me.

“Now if I move from this position are you going to retaliate?” I asked holding steady.

“Would you trust me if I said yes?”

“No, I wouldn’t.” I shook my head.

“Good girl.” he nodded.

Minding all of Ares’ appendages I stepped off from him and allowed him to get up. It was so strange. Ares had suddenly gone from being a big bully to being almost father like in his mannerisms. What was going on? The rest of the day was spent working on my advances and seeking out an enemy’s weak spot. Jeff and James supplied fluids and food. During one lesson – using an opponents force against them – I got flung across the arena pretty hard. I hit the wall knocking a rib out of joint as well as sustaining a few scrapes that bled. Jeff and James wanted to rush to my aid, but I told them not to help. Ares wanted to see how well I played through the pain. For me this was an old game, but these were different circumstances now. I made myself get up and continue the lesson.