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Christian Hall’s Vasion

19 Sep

The new DC 52 has been getting a lot of attention lately. While this is all the buzz, we here at Comic Addicts would like to remind you comic fans that there are still some great independent titles out there. So as a break from the hype and the big brand name comics we’re going to take a look at an independent title. Today we’re featuring Vasion by Christian Hall.

Vasion is an interesting comic concept about an ancient advanced race known as The Enforce. They have been working in the background like a secret society. They look just like regular people, but their genetic make-up is different. They protect their own, while also protecting the rest of us.

The particular issue that we’re reviewing is called “All Out War!” part 1 of 3. In this a creature surfaces called Devour. It is a beast that hasn’t surfaced in centuries, and is also unstoppable. Imagine for a moment if Grendal, the Wolfman, and the Hulk had a lovechild. This thing looks like a giant black wolf, but is completely indestructible as well as having all of the ancient lore to add that level of mystery and fear.

“All Out War!” is about The Enforce trying to defeat this enemy for their people. Wondering also, what has it been doing? Devour has been eating them like someone munching on candy at the movies. These guys throw everything at it too. They shower rockets, automatic gunfire, missiles, and this beast just keeps coming. If you enjoy wall to wall action this is a comic for you.

The writing is very good, but in some parts there is description where there doesn’t need to be and some of the narration boxes tread on the toes of the artwork. Other than that the dialogue is fantastic, the characters well formed, and the story moves along at a good clip.

The artwork fits the action and is very well done. The explosions and the fury of the beast come across with every bit of the excitement of a solid action movie. The hurt that the beast lays on these guys is epic and the artwork shows that both beautifully and gruesomely.

So if the new DC 52 is wearing you down, take a break and check out an independent title. Christian Hall’s Vasion is a good place to start.