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Exclusive RAJ COMICS Preview: AXE

27 Sep

After a long wait, we finally witnessed the return of Super Commando Dhruv in Alter Ego which was a totally hair raising, chair gripping and nail-biting episode which ended in a cliff hanger!

The next part of Alter Ego is a part of the upcoming set by Raj Comics. The issue is titled Axe, which is a clever word play on the Hindi word “Aks” that means “essence“.

Dhruv’s Alter Ego (or so it seems – for who know how it’ll work out in the end?) is called Axe and if it really is a split personality, it is also essentially an essence of him too!

I for one, just can’t wait for Axe! I have been fidgety since reading the previous part and it’s giving me jitters now!
Oh that reminds me. Coming Sunday Raj Comics is hosting the Nagraj Janamotsav and Kalpana Lok Award ceremony! Starting at 11am, on October 2, 2011, at their Burari office (Raj Comic Studio – 330/1 Burari, New Delhi)
I’m going to be there, will you???

In the meantime however, keep scrolling down and enjoy the exclusive preview images that the good folks over at Raj have kindly shared with us and of course, with ALL you loyal Raj-fans out there! 

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So what are you waiting for??? Go and pre-order Axe NOW!!!

(And watch this space kids! More previews forthcoming!!)