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Random Musings – 12 /09/2010

12 Sep
Pax Romana

I have been following JONATHAN HICKMAN for some time now (Pax Romana, The Nightly News, Red Mass for Mars). With his latest stint at Marvel Comics (Fantastic Four, Secret Warriors, Shield) , he is telling very interesting stories through highly innovative concepts. Reminds me of Grant Morrison’s work. Is he the next Grant? Hmm..Future will tell.     
Just got my TOM STRONG  (by Alan Moore) deluxe edition volume 2. Very few comics are such joy to read these days, but thankfully their number seems to be increasing. The top two contenders undeniably are Hellboy and Atomic Robo. Maybe I should be writing about them someday..

Started Reading “RAIDERS” (Yen Press), the premise seemed interesting : The search for holy grail(or blood!) and some unusual Zombies ( Zombies seems to be new Vampires now! o Wait, we already have a glut of Vampire comics).. but despite of high concept and action sequences, somehow couldn’t get emotionally vested in the series…

Deadman Wonderland

On the other hand am enjoying DEADMAN WONDERLAND (Tokyopop) .The characters are slowly growing on me and am looking forward to the next installment. Though this series has much grounds to cover to rival any of the top shonen manga’s in the market today, it definitely has potential.

Are you reading Gail Simone’s “SECRET SIX“? Why the hell not?

Too many DEADPOOL books in the market seems to be taking the charm away. Marvel: Just do a few books, with quality content. Now Deadpool jokes seem more “eh” than amusing. But I guess, with deadpool movie on the horizon, it was expected.  Me? I just miss my insanely FUNNY juvenile Deadpool…less and less laugh out jokes every day, which is not good.. no.. not good at all

Sayonara ,Zetsubou-Sensei

Still enjoying the dark humor in Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei

CONAN the CIMMERIAN” is going on a hiatus.. I am not too happy. Hopefully its coming back sooner than later.. I need my Conan fix damnit.

Read an interview with Eric Trautmann ( Co-writer of Checkmate, sadly another brilliant series which was cut short due to low sales) on Vampirella. And I am glad he is not looking jazz up the Sexiness of Vampirella, but rather tone down the over emphasis on (almost) naked female form in lieu of story content. If it would have been any lesser writer than him, this would have been difficult to believe . But Eric has brownie points for CHECKMATE.

Want some more ASTRO CITY… Can’t wait till the ongoing starts

Recently read Blackest Night, no emotional attachment whatsoever. That’s all I am gonna say to this one.

If its one comic book you read before you die, let it be TRANSMETROPOLITAN, ’nuff said! Here’s my post  on it

That’s it folks .. Leaving you with a random page of Transmetropolitan , apologies for the scan quality, but if you make a slight effort to read, you would be rewarded  🙂

’till next time then